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Isn’t government planning such a lovely and efficient thing?

A Green Party-led council has said it can’t empty overflowing dog waste bins near a beauty spot because its new fleet of electric vehicles cannot be used off-road and binmen might injure themselves if they lift the bins by hand.

Large amounts of dog waste have been dumped on Hollingbury Golf Club in Brighton – close to an Iron Age hillfort – after Brighton & Hove City council relocated a nearby bin because its new multi-million pound fleet is “not designed for off-road driving”.

Just think how efficient everything will be when more of the economy is controlled by government……

16 thoughts on “Isn’t government planning such a lovely and efficient thing?”

  1. @JuliaM,
    Dumping the dog shit on the Council steps could lead to an offence of littering, leading to a fine, or court appearance. However, leaving it in the Council foyer, as someone living near to me did several years ago, led to disposal by the Council. Public place to public place – littering offence. Public place to private place – not a littering offence, something the Caravan Utilising Nomadic TravellerS discovered years ago.

  2. Brighton, eh? No problem. There will be a large crowd of people who care about the environment turn up to sort it out in person, doubtless led by Caroline Lucas.

  3. If you’d only lived in France back in the 15th century Penseivat, when they hanged them as soon as they caught them. Or at least so says Quentin Durward.

    Perhaps the council are the ones who need to be hanged today??

  4. Forget it Tim, it’s Brighton. A load of people who experienced the Greens there in the early part of the 2010s, mostly got rid of them, but have brought them back for some bizarre reason.

    Also, it’s a dump with a stony beach. God knows why people want to live there. I’d rather live in Trowbridge.

  5. God knows why people want to live there.
    Take it from me, BoM4. Even briefly visiting should only he undertaken under the strictures of dire necessity. A mere roadsign indicating the direction of the place can cause panic attacks.

  6. God knows why people want to live there.

    Well, it’s on the coast, which some people like, good trains straight into Victoria or London Bridge, good road connections, Gatwick Diamond is about 40 minutes away, there used to be some decent high-tech-ish firms out westwards in Shoreham, and there’s the two Unis (or one Uni and a jumped-up Poly). L&G used to be a fairly large site, and now there’s AMEX.

    The place is still full of nutters, though.

  7. Bloke in Spain,

    I’ve been there twice for tech things. And both times I thought it was a dump. Like people think Swansea is shit, but it’s no worse, and you get a nice beach.

  8. Clearly dog ownership needs to be banned, but only after extensive trials of monitoring and control systems. Electronic dog tags, scheduled walking slots and specified shitting zones. Paid for by motorists.

  9. I thought electric vehicles were great for this sort of thing because of massive torque at low rpms. Oh wait – you bought the ones with the low friction tyres designed for nicely paved roads only. Never mind, just start a campaign to get people to take their doggie bags home instead.

  10. The bit on York council “two of the vehicles wouldn’t work in the rain” I found especially amusing. I more or less learnt to drive on private roads from about 12 years old (mid eighties), much of it in my dad’s 1956 MGA. After I could legally drive on public roads, for a few years after that. I learned to park it facing downhill to make the push start easier. And also that it didn’t like rain. So we’re back to the good old days of Lucas Electrics, the Prince of Darkness are we?

  11. Never mind, just start a campaign to get people to take their doggie bags home instead.

    The whole point of taking a dog for a “walk” is that it shits somewhere else. It’s nice that it mostly gets picked up off the pavement nowadays, but the bags will be dumped before return by a lot of people. Gardens, hedges, ditches, long grass, under cars, up trees, domestic bins, rubbish bins, anywhere off site, out of sight and out of mind. Every fucking day.

  12. “Binmen might injure themselves if they lift the bins by hand”

    Fucking wimps! When I were a lad the binmen used to come round to the back of our house, pick up a galvanised metal bin (which was usually fairly full of ash from our coke boiler), and carry it out to the lorry on their shoulders. Now we consider ourselves lucky if they can be bothered to pull a wheely bin a few feet across the pavement, and let a truck powered lift do the work. And they rarely put them back where they were left the previous night, apparently preferring to leave them haphazardly blocking the path and driveways…

  13. Who specified bins that were too heavy for binmen to lift?
    Was it (a) a moron, (b) a saboteur, (c) a local government officer, (d) all of the above?

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