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It’s a view, I guess

I have spent thirteen years now opposing neoliberal Tories who have moved ever further right, and are now neo-fascist,

It’s just that evidence of rightward movement seems to be pretty thin on the ground.

9 thoughts on “It’s a view, I guess”

  1. The Cons have moved leftward, the left have moved leftward. It’s just the Left’s move has been so fast they’ve left normal, and rational, people behind. Overton window has been taken out of the building and moved up the street by their bleating about fascism. Anyone vaguely conservative is said to be ‘far right’ now, even in the FT.

  2. Since I feel that fascism, or as I prefer to call it National Socialism, is a direct descendent of Lenin’s New Economic Policy, I’d argue that he should be saying ‘moved ever further LEFT and are now neo-fascist’. But I’d argue that fascism is the predominant and flourishing form of political organisation in the world today.

    In other words Salamander, I agree with you.

  3. I wish that I had made a note of where it was that I saw it now. I read it in a commentary about those who admired the policies of Tony Blair. “Far Right Centrists”.

  4. Anyone vaguely conservative is said to be ‘far right’ now, even in the FT.

    That utter fucking helmet Simon Kuper was writing to that effect on Saturday.

    Spud is too thick to realise that he’s only a flurry of nationalism away from being a Fascist.

  5. They could use such idiocy when teaching about relativistic frames of reference. “Look, Dad, the whole world is moving past our car!”

  6. surely one sign of madness is to believe that in policy terms conservative and labour politicians are in any sense different

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