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It’s not motives that matter, Matey

Adani has threatened to seek “remedial and punitive” action against Hindenburg over what it said was a “maliciously mischievous, unresearched report”.

“Clearly, the report and its unsubstantiated contents were designed to have a deleterious effect on the share values of Adani Group companies as Hindenburg Research, by their own admission, is positioned to benefit from a slide in Adani shares,” Adani Group’s legal head Jatin Jalundhwala said in a statement on Thursday.

Why they’re doing it isn’t the point at all. It’s whether there’s any truth to what they say…….

8 thoughts on “It’s not motives that matter, Matey”

  1. There are videos circulating of aPfizer “executive” who was stung by a Grindr date into revealing on camera that Pfizer are producing bioweapons. There’s a follow up where he’s confronted by a camera team in a restaurant and goes rather gayly ape shit on them.

    I don’t approve of such tactics and reckon that the guy was just shooting his mouth off hoping for some bum related activity. But it is no worse than Michael Crick or that phoney Sheikh bloke ever did.

  2. Hindenberg – great name for a forensic accountant – clearly has done some research.
    So the way to bet is…

  3. Ottokring

    It’s hilarious!

    “I don’t approve of such tactics”

    Sure, and yet….

    “I just lied to impress a date” is followed by “How am I ever going to trust anyone ever again” 🙂 He knows that he’s both trashed his career and horribly compromised himself wrt any NDAs he signed. “There are 6 white people in here and I feel unsafe”: classic diversity tickbox….

    I can’t be bothered to check but I’m guessing the MSM is in full lock-down mode on it – ie, the masses will never see it?

  4. The Greens hate the Adani coalmine. The attacks have been and continue to be never-ending.

    As to whether the lawsuits, protests and attempts to strangle it with yet more regulation will actually succeed in killing it, damifino.

    My personal opinion of the mine is, it’s not in my backyard so it’s not bothering me. And since the Queensland government is pissing away money on all the bullshit the left can dream up, I’d rather the cash came from coal royalties than my pocket.

  5. Although, having watched the linked video, the star looks rather young to be an “executive”. Either he’s a drug-designing prodigy, or at Pfizer everyone above the rank of teaboy is an executive.

  6. BiW


    Whatever the appearance/diversity tickboxes etc – apparently his title was “Director, Worldwide R&D Strategic Operations and mRNA Scientific Planning”? Two steps removed from Bourla, from what I’ve read (ie, two bods in between). For a global organisation the size of Pfizer, that sort of stacks. I suspect the unusual visuals are the panic effect from realising that he’s in effect self-destructed…

    Re the MSM, it’s interesting, Tucker’s not holding back:

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