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Making that point, but not too obviously:

Next door was a disused Texaco garage that he acquired for $10,000 and turned into the Lone Star, a chic beachfront restaurant with a four-room hotel attached. This was much-loved by the local glitterati, who appreciated his discretion as much as the food and atmosphere.

Why would a four room hotel in Barbados require discretion?

5 thoughts on “Needlepoint”

  1. Nice account of a nice life! Sounds far better than being a proper movie star. Something he appreciated, judging by the title of his autobiography.

    I did not realise that James Clavell both scripted and directed To Sir, With Love. Talented chap. I think he gets somewhat unfairly classed as a ‘blockbuster’ writer. His Hong Kong novels are at the top end of that genre but Shogun is a brilliant work of historical fiction.

  2. Can just about recall the Cambridge Theatre’s ‘Return to the Forbidden Planet’. There is a contemporary connection in on that night that the trains were cancelled – either a strike or heavy snowfall – and we had to get taxis to/from the city. Some things never change. And my memory must be better than I thought.

  3. Indeed. The clever wink is the use of ‘local’. Why should ‘local’ glitterati avail themselves of rooms attached to the restaurant of a discrete owner?

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