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Questions in Cosmopolitan we can answer:

Does Tarot Count as Therapy?

8 thoughts on “No”

  1. In so far as I could bring myself to read the article, the woman evidently wants someone to tell her what to do. I suppose tarot cards make as much or as little sense as anything else a psychiatrist might say.

    They’d probably make more sense than any advice I might give.

  2. If “therapy” is something that makes you feel better about yourself and gives you a sense of control over your life, then tarot and other mystical woo-woo could certainly meet the same psychological needs, and probably more cheaply. Indeed, it could be argued that most “therapy” is just the same psychological support mechanisms that used to be provided by religions and folklore, but wrapped up in a different packaging to suit contemporary tastes.

    Of course, since it’s Cosmopolitan, we might also suspect that in this context “Therapy” and “Tarot” both mean nothing more than “toys for the idle rich”.

  3. Did have a French deck. Seems to have vanished. I was reluctantly being taught to play it. But one can play poker with the minor arcana. I wouldn’t count on the pack divining your fortunes of winning though.

  4. surely the only useful measure for the success of a therapy is how wealthy it makes its practitioners?

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