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No, they don’t have editors, do they?

Since March 2020, profitability has remained mooted as franchising was axed and operators were moved onto low margin fixed price contracts to ensure services continued running during the pandemic.


8 thoughts on “No, they don’t have editors, do they?”

  1. Type it how you hear it, if it doesn’t have red lines underneath it must be ok.

    Written English is becoming a phonetic language.

  2. You don’t expect someone who has degrees in Journalism. Modern History, and Politics and Modern History to know anything about the English language do you?

  3. I’m fed up with ignorant twats who use the adjective “moot” in the American sense rather than the British sense. (Americans writing for Americans are exempt from this criticism.)

  4. By the by, in which British accents are “moot” and “mute” pronounced the same way?

    Somewhere in the West Country? In East Angular?

  5. My favourite linguistic recent trend is the pronunciation of compound words as they would be if pronounced separately. I thank Slovaks and Poles for this common sense approach.
    So Weymuth, Bournemuth, Portsmuth are no longer.
    It’s WeyMouth, PortsMouth etc and if you work on the local railway it is for SouthErn rail and not Suthern rail.

    But that Tel journalism is awful – subjewed rather than mooted shirley would have been better.

  6. The advice I’ve always given to people I’ve taught English is learn the spoken not the written. Mostly you’ll be speaking it & listening to it & if you try & master the written you’ll be doing better than most Brits. The written form is totally illogical unless you’ve a deep understanding of Old & Middle-English & the other languages its derived from.

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