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No wonder it’s so awful then

The director said the Sussexes viewed the Harry & Meghan documentary “very much” as their love story but that for her, it was important to “connect the dots” to issues such as racism, colonialism, and the British empire to provide a historical context.

8 thoughts on “No wonder it’s so awful then”

  1. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    Perhaps Rocco could comment whether he knows of any peers who have been hired to direct the sex tape?

    Even if it’s gonna be another 10 years before they leak it, she’s gonna want to look at her best, so time is running out…

  2. The vast majority of the New World was colonised by the Spanish.
    It is quite odd. I’m really more a member of the S. American community here than the Spanish or Brit ex-pat. That’s where most of the people I know come from. Pretty well all of the Brasilians have some slave blood in them. My closest friend’s far more black than anything else. Most of the Hispanics have some degree of indio ancestry if not african. And Portugal & Spain had a far worse history of exploitation than anything the Brit Empire managed. But it’s just not an issue here. Nobody’s trying to pull down statues of Christopher Columbus or rename streets with Aztec. Doesn’t seem to be in Portugal, either. They’re Brasilians or Colombians or Venezuelans or Dominicans or whatever. It’s just history. It’d be like Brits still carrying a grievance about the Normans.

  3. Bi4R, there have been a few problems, among which the big showstopper was Harry bursting into tears at the thought of his wife taking DP from Richard and his donkey friend

  4. The Irish carry grievances back since Cromwell’s time.

    Maybe it is a Britsh thing.

    Though the Serbs, Croats, etc really know how to deal in historical grudges. They think the Battles of Kossovo are recent history.

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