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Not entirely apt

Campaigners had called for menopause to be made a protected characteristic like race or religion, amid concern that middle-aged women are being pushed out of the workplace because employers did not support those struggling with symptoms.

Last summer, the Women and Equalities Committee called for radical changes in discrimination laws, warning that the UK was “haemorrhaging talent” because of a failure to support women in mid-life.

It’s the absence of haemorrhage, surely?

10 thoughts on “Not entirely apt”

  1. If menopause is to be a protected characteristic like religion, then post-menopausal people are guilty of apostasy and should be stoned with stones.

  2. @Julia

    Inclusion 10/10
    Diversity 10/10
    Equality 10/10

    Being an ancient old geezer, I’m not sure I’d have classed Sir Kier as menopausal, so I suppose I should give you 11 for Kindness…

  3. This is the latest retreat from equality – women aren’t able to work just as well as men, they need a couple of years on light duties and full pay.

    What’s that, there seems to be a reluctance to hire women in their mid to late 40s? Whyever might that be….

  4. Ideal for middle-aged autogynephiles who bravely assert their right to participate in every female-only payment or support mechanism.

    No doubt the ECHR will rule in their favour when called upon and post-Brexit Britain will meekly comply.

  5. 2nd wave feminists: we are just as good as men and don’t need no special treatment!

    3rd/4th wave feminists: we demand special treatment!

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