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Not just space, but everything

This is actually the secret:

Comparisons with Musk’s SpaceX are not entirely fair. Though SpaceX rockets have repeatedly exploded on the launchpad, Musk appears to have learned from his mistakes more quickly, enabling him to take space exploration to an altogether different level.

Mistakes will be made. It’s how – and how quickly – they are acknowledged and therefore things changed that matters. One of the stronger reasons why political planning works worse than market experimentation. Because the capitalist doesn’t need to go through the layer of politics in order to change things.

7 thoughts on “Not just space, but everything”

  1. yup.. And the primary launch went well.. It was the second stage that buggered up somehow. Halfway. Something that happens with some regularity, regardless of the launch operator.
    It is, after all, a second launch sequence, with all the …potentialities.. of firing the primary stage, except you can’t conveniently stop the clock and reverse..

    Peeps will be looking at what happened, and Stuff Will Be Dealt With. The question is whether they’re going to do it the NASA way ( endless Blame Committees, Focus Groups, and Investigative Committees ), or the SpaceX way ( take the telemetry, find the parts that likely buggered up, do a couple of rounds of destruction testing on those parts to figure out what happened, improve 50-odd things in the design at once, Build A Better Spaceship ).

  2. NASA isn’t allowed to fail as politicians will spin a failure as wasting taxpayers money.
    Musk is happy for tests to fail (without people being hurt) if it’s a faster and cheaper route to the final product.

  3. If Ben Marlow thinks it’s so effing simple perhaps he should put his money where his mouth is and go and show us how it’s done proper.

  4. Apparently the UK government, in the shape of the CAA, will hold an enquiry, but the launch was in international airspace so I’m not sure what their remit is since the aircraft has a US registration now. Hopefully as Virgin Orbit is a US company they can tell the UK govt to go forth & multiply if they try to interfere with the debug & fix process.

  5. Martin Near The M25

    Yeah, not sure about all the flag waving on this one. AFAICS the only thing manufactured in the UK was the huge stack of paperwork that allowed them to take off.

  6. ‘ One of the stronger reasons why political planning works worse…’

    There are no mistakes in political planning just underfunding and not doing ‘it’ enough for long enough for it to succeed.

    Exhibit A: the NHS.

  7. But you see, if it had been British taxpayer money it would have been lauded as bold, cutting-edge and pioneering. The wanks sorry wonks who decide how to spend your money are never wrong. You’re not beaten until you give up!

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