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Olds, not News

A book by Thorvaldur Fridriksson, an Icelandic archaeologist and journalist, argues that Gaelic-speaking Celtic settlers from Ireland and western Scotland had a profound impact on the Icelandic language, landscape and early literature.

Thought this was the standard history myself……

9 thoughts on “Olds, not News”

  1. The Wiki article on the languages of Iceland rather amusingly states that “Gaelic was the native language to many of the early Icelanders”,coyly omitting the fact that most of them were not there of their own free will

  2. Yes, quite, so when will Iceland be paying reparations to Ireland? Not to Dublin or Wexford, of course, but to the other areas?

  3. Does anyone know what influence the Celts might have had on the landscape of Iceland?

    Iceland was once thickly wooded (some of the sagas describe this state), but the early settlers cleared the forests both for grazing and wood for longboats, and then the climate chilled and they never grew back.

  4. “and then the climate chilled”: what! Are you implying that the Medieval Warm Period existed?

    Right-wing climate denialist: you probably wear a MAGA cap.

  5. ‘you probably wear a MAGA cap’

    You know dearieme, that’s never occurred to me!! Maybe I should try it.

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