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One of those offers of “I’ll write for your blog”

Following are some topics that I believe could be a perfect fit for your blog:

Top Benefits of CBD for your Sexual Life
Great dieting hacks you need to know in 2022.
All-Year-Round Benefits of CBD you should know!

Those are all subjects the readership here will be overly excited by, yes?

12 thoughts on “One of those offers of “I’ll write for your blog””

  1. Post Christmas, I’m interested in the dieting hacks, but 2022 os so last year. Anything more up to date? I’m stuck with the positively Neolithic: eat less, move more.

  2. My dog takes CBD oil – seems to be helping with the arthritis, can’t really say about her sex life…

  3. Inventions (useable) that will change everything:

    e.g. I’ve got a drug which will extend life expectancy by 12 years – stops telomeres in the DNA decaying, ensures DNA keeps copying accurately later into life. What would the Chancellor pay to stop it being invented, ‘cos it would rocco to the kidneys every country with significant public pension schemes.

  4. No it wouldn’t, snag. It would make your car go at half the speed. The government would make it compulsory, then tax it.

  5. “I’m stuck with the positively Neolithic: eat less, move more.”

    I don’t know about Neolithic, but possibly Dark Ages. For most people, successful weight control and management of body composition means forgetting calories and instead accounting for the hormonal effects of different foods, since these profoundly effect whether the body is in fat-storage versus fat-burning mode, and also effect satiety signaling. So yes, a ketogenic diet; as near carnivore as possible for optimum healthspan.

  6. Bloke in the Fourth Reich


    In Frankfurt the whorehouses are all in the block next to the banks.

    Because practitioners of both professions get paid to screw their clients.

  7. “I’m stuck with the positively Neolithic: eat less, move more.”

    Ignore the fad dieters. If you’ve got the mental strength, and actually want to lose weight, then decrease inputs and increase outputs.

    I went from 22st to 14st in 2 years doing just that, and yes, I’m staying around 14-14.5st now I’ve found my new equilibrium.

  8. Neolithic isn’t my thing, ketogenic is, but it’s not exactly a fad either, just a recognition that the body we have is the hunter/gatherer one that still hasn’t adapted to farming, never mind anything else.

    Want to keep it in tip-top shape, then give it the operating mode it is used to, lots of running about (or at least walking about) and lots of meat with little-to-no carbs.

    It’s been something like 12,000 years since we switched to farm based mush and our body still hasn’t shown any signs of adapting…

    Give it what it needs and the weight falls off.

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