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One reason top down control doesn’t work

Only one mind, to add to all the other problems of those at the top not having the data, not being able to process it in anything like real time, often processing what they do have badly and more than often thereby coming up with the wrong decision:

Doctor gave fake exemption notes to thousands of people who didn’t want to wear masks
German practitioner jailed after handing out medical exceptions to more than 4,000 people she had not examined during the pandemic

It’s very difficult to make sure that 7 billion people then do what you say they ought to do.

Even the most viciously centralised and repressive states have always had those rebelling in ways large and small.


French anti-prostitution law backfires as number of Parisian brothels triples
Police concerned that a surge in the number of suburban bordellos is hampering their efforts to tackle sex trade

6 thoughts on “One reason top down control doesn’t work”

  1. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    Doctors were coerced into never issuing these exemptions. Standard practice if an exemption was shown was for the copper to arrange for the practice to be raided at opening time on the following Monday and all patient notes confiscated, effectively shutting down the practice.

    Not issuing any patient with an exemption caught on really quickly.

    There were also one or two scurrilous reports of coppers confiscating the exemptions and prosecuting the maskless for not having an exemption.

    We still have mask mandates on most public transport in the Fourth Reich.

  2. “The number of illegal brothels dismantled in suburban Paris has tripled in the past two years, French police said, warning that a recent law cracking down on street prostitution has backfired.”

    Is street prostitution still a thing anywhere now? The whole thing was clients finding the women taking a look at them, and well, you can do that with the internet, can’t you? Don’t need to stand out in the cold. There used to be a wall they sat on near the station here. Women who looked a bit like Biffa Bacon’s mother (shudder). Never see anyone there now.

    “With hotels and the concierges of apartment blocks now extremely vigilant about rooms being used to house prostitutes, pimps are increasingly opting for detached houses in parts of town surrounding the French capital, notably in the north-eastern Seine-Saint-Denis department.”

    Yeah no, this doesn’t wash. You can stay in fully automated hotels like Formula 1 in France. No-one is going to see you. By the time anyone notices, you’re gone.

    “Mr Megret said that going after prostitutes’ clients had ironically fuelled the suburban brothel trend.
    “To incriminate clients, you notably need proof via video surveillance,” he said. “This is only possible on public causeways. When prostitution takes place in a flat or hotel room, via an internet contact, it becomes hidden.””

    What’s that? People are going to do things to avoid detection by the police? Whatever next?

  3. Suburban Bordello would be a rather good name for a car, particularly a self-driving one with reclining seats. I don’t suppose Mr Musk has the balls to use it for, say, the most expensive Tesla.

  4. ….notably in the north-eastern Seine-Saint-Denis department….

    From my (admittedly 30-year-old) memories of working there, it was pretty much a police no-go area, so possibly ideal for illegal activities.

    My employer’s advice was to only go out for lunch in groups of at least three, and preferably more than that…

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