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Pretty Nimby really

United Utilities was faced with dozens of complaints from local residents after it submitted plans to build the deer “larder” near Haweswater in the Lake District.

The facility would have seen deer carcasses dressed and hung before being sold by a game dealer as cuts of venison.

Residents claimed the plant, at the site of a former building yard in Penrith, would produce upsetting sights and smells, writing to the Lake District National Park Authority to object.

Diana Nicholson said: “The sight of carcasses being handled will be very offensive to some of the residents who are vegetarian and vegan,….

I think they’re intending to do it inside a building, Love…..

As to why it would be UU, an energy company, doing this, they own the watershed around reservoirs.

18 thoughts on “Pretty Nimby really”

  1. When did we turn out a generation of people who believe they have the right to force their own peccadilloes on others?

    What happened to old fashioned British tolerance? Did it ever really exist?

    If you don’t like venison, love, don’t eat it. More for me.

  2. I wish I could afford it JuluiaM. It’s too deer for me………(Don’t groan – I know you were all thinking it).

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    We know its Nimbyism for the simple reason they haven’t been calling for the the closure of high street butchers shops in Penrith.

  4. And ‘near Haweswater’ can’t be ‘in Penrith’ if you look at a map. (OK it’s only an inch on my screen, but if I zoom in …)

  5. I recall protesters trying to stop a Norfolk town’s high street butcher from displaying rabbit and other game in their shop window because (they said) the sight of it terrified their young children. They lost the argument.

    Lived in Scotland for 6 years and often ate venison. It was regularly featured on the menu of small country hotels. Never an enthusiast, more of a take it or leave it – a ‘when in Rome’ sort of thing (although I draw the line on deep-fried Mars Bars). In recent times, however, – given my neighbour periodically shoots one and shares it with me – I have developed a taste for the stuff.

  6. Ever since I saw that video on youtube (in the states somewhere) of a deer running out and a lycra moron hitting it and going face first into the tarmac (fortunately the deer was unharmed) I’ve never been able to bring myself to eat one.

    I’m compassionate that way.

  7. Venison is lovely stuff, I don’t know why we don’t eat more of it given how many otherwise useless deer we have roaming the countryside, making a nuisance of themselves.

    Bambi goes well with a bottle of red.

  8. Bloke in North Dorset


    Yep, if they win this one it will only encourage them which is another reason not to let them win. I still remember when all they wanted was no smoking areas in pubs and restaurants.


    Venison used to be all the rage because it is low fat and we used to have it regularly. I’ve just checked with Mrs BiND, she’s the meat lover, and she says she doesn’t see it anymore. Perhaps a trip to a local butcher is needed.

  9. Near us in Sussex is a deer farm with attached activity centre and farm shop. That’s a tough marketing gig. A nice family day out where you get a corporate video presentation on the deer, then the kids bottle-feed bambi, and then after wandering around the paddocks you settle down to a venison dinner before picking up some shrink-wrapped meat on the way out. And a cuddly toy. I reckon they could let dad try his aim with the hunting rifle as well.

  10. @Mark – “Ever since I saw that video of a deer running out and a lycra moron hitting it and going face first into the tarmac I’ve never been able to bring myself to eat one.”

    I’ll bet you don’t eat derr either.

  11. Our last meal of venison was from road kill. Perfectly OK: we shared with a friend who knew how to butcher it and we looked up how long to hang it for.

  12. Theophrastus (2066)

    It is puzzling that nurses are (allegedly) having to use food banks when there’s an abundance of roadkill venison. Nurses are hardly squeamish…

  13. Any recipes for Elk, heading north shortly for a trip and been promised the freezer will be stocked with some local game. I was thinking a nice stew

  14. There are now twenty times as many deer as there used to be, about 2 million IIRC. They are a bloody pest in some places. United Utilities is protecting the landscape because deer gnaw the bark of young trees and will eventually turn the Lakes into a desert.

    OTOH the excuse that it can be too warm to transport carcasses to the existing storage is easily solved. Just don’t shoot deer on hot days.

    They are culling reds, which are not as tasty as other species. OK, better than bicyclists, but they don’t fetch enough to be worth farming.

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