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Right, so it doesn’t work then?


7 thoughts on “Right, so it doesn’t work then?”

  1. the royal divulged details about using drugs like ayahuasca, psilocybin, and mushrooms

    Or as George Harrison called it, breakfast.

    I’m surprised he hasn’t admitted to coke use, I thought cocaine was still the drug of choice for turbo-arseholes.

  2. According to Paul Burrell (oh gawd, not him again) Harry is still resentful that Wills got three breakfast sausages and he only got two.
    As the historical apology he demands we should have a whip round to send him a party box. Despite my slender means I think I could spring for a packet of Tesco’s pigs in blankets.

  3. “The Duke of Sussex shared how the drugs helped him heal in a way nothing else did.”

    I realise that I’m a sad orphan who’s married mummy and destroyed all hope of reconciliation with those who really love me, but Fuck!! Have you seen the colours on that dragon in the kitchen sink?!

  4. History of human use of psychedelics is very long, wouldn’t surprise if there’s something to it, the main problem is that research was banned for decades, though that seems to be loosening.

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