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Sexism! Sexism!

How can this be allowed?

Per a SNCTM rep, they screen for “respectful, discreet” people interested in “celebrating and elevating the erotic experience” in a judgment-free atmosphere. Condoms are readily available at every party. Memberships for men run from $12,500 to $50,000 per year; selected women applicants are welcomed at no cost; non-binary people’s costs vary.

Of course, this is actually being run by Bustle to see if some of the readership would like to become the freebies.

But this, this:

I Spent A Night At The World’s Most Exclusive Sex Party

Not very exclusive if they let a journalist in, is it?

7 thoughts on “Sexism! Sexism!”

  1. Would seem to validate a suggestion I made on another thread.
    Sorry lads, the market value of your shlong or your tokhes approximates zero.

  2. I seem to recall someone once saying about clubs allowing ladies free entry that if they were not paying they were the product….

  3. JuliaM – that’s what I do when I encounter sex people: “No thanks, I’m British.”

    My partner and I are decidedly in an ethically non-monogamous relationship and wanted to explore how attending could feel

    I think we can guess which one decided she’d be getting strange penis, and which one is the beardo soyface loser cuckold.

    As more guests wearing dresses and tuxedos trickle in, upbeat music fills the room.

    ‘All the Small Things’ by Blink-182

    Down a long hallway, there are three rooms containing a black latex bed slick with oil, another bed with deep red sheets, bowls of condoms, dildos, bondage rope, a bottle of lube, and a claw-foot tub filled with bubbles.

    A man in a dog suit fellating one of the other hotel guests, blood pouring out of the elevator, Scatman Crothers being brutally murdered… y’know, normal 2023 stuff.

  4. Varying pricing by gender? I thought NY State and California in particular were at the progressive forefront of anti-discrimination law.

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