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Sir Keir isn’t quite getting this

Sir Keir Starmer has vowed to stop investing in new British oil and gas fields if Labour wins the next election.

Not convinced that Sir Keir’s money makes much difference to be honest. I know political pensions are pretty good but that good?

Sir Keir said: “One of the things that I am proposing is a clean power alliance where countries that are in the advance when it comes to net-zero share information, co-operate and share investment with a view to driving the global prices down.

You see, it’s not countries that invest in power. It’s capitalists. So what Sir Keir, or countries, do isn’t the point at all, is it?

19 thoughts on “Sir Keir isn’t quite getting this”

  1. The oil and gas industry is way ahead of Sir Keir, a lot of planned expansion in the North Sea has already been cancelled in the wake of our unelected Indian banker PM’s punitive windfall taxes.

    Good thing we don’t do that nasty fracking thing here, frees us up to buy fracked American gas at a massive markup.

  2. So you’re saying the UK’s utterly fracked Steve??

    Of course similar bullshit has been happening in Oz for years.

  3. The lights are going out aren’t they? We face a realistic electoral choice between a Davos social democrat blob party that lusts for your pension, your savings, your car, your home’s warmth, your freedom, and which will not or cannot reform anything for the better (but whose brand name mendaciously suggests otherwise) and a proper lefty, even more woke and crazy ‘you belong to me’ and I’ll imprison you for wrongthink, eviller and fuckwittier party.

    I live in Dominic Raab’s seat and will vote Reform in 2024. The shame is that almost certainly means we’ll get a Lib Dem. But…the Conservative Party needs to be obliterated now so that a conservative party can emerge from its ashes.

  4. Keep going Keir, I’ve got a portfolio of oil shares, the more of the UKs production you close down the more money my investment makes…….

  5. We face a realistic electoral choice between a Davos social democrat blob party …
    This is what I mean about people seeking to maximise what they perceive as their own advantage. All of those c*nts at Davos are maximising theirs. Their time horizons will be their own. It has absolutely nothing to do with what’s good for you.

  6. PS – the North Sea is an expensive and difficult operating environment, and it’s sitting on a ticking timebomb of 70’s vintage pipelines that require ongoing investment to stop them rusting apart. Once the existing pipe reaches the end of its lifecycle, it’s going to be much more expensive and difficult to achieve RoI with new North Sea fields. Because being able to piggyback off the existing infrastructure can easily turn a marginal play into a profitable one.

    If we can’t persuade oil companies to invest in Britain when the price is $86 (historically an “oil boom” price), and when the entire European continent is desperate for fuel, we’re in deeper Rishi than my words can convey.

  7. I don’t know what what the answer is Patrick. We elect the people who look after their own interests sufficiently to rise to the point where they get the opportunity to be elected. That’s how the system works. You’re surprised they continue to look after their own interests?

  8. @ Tim
    This country *did* invest in oil production under the 1974-9 Labour government: the British National Oil Corporation (“Britoil”) had an option to take a share in every oil licence issued by that government and generally made a right mess of things.

  9. Nor do I BiS. I used to oppose PR as it leads to fractured useless coalitions. But since we are now being offered fractured useless coalitions to vote for (where the faction I like gets drowned out) I’m trending towards becoming a supporter of PR. The horror!

  10. . . . cancelled in the wake of our unelected Indian banker PM’s punitive windfall taxes.

    Not to worry, our unelected Greco-German wanker head-of-state is delivering a windfall from the “surplus” of the windfarm rental scam he’s still abusing his position to promote.

  11. Good King Sausage Hands

    PJF – just goes to show we should urgently convert our Aston Martins to run on bioethanol, and turn down the thermostat in the servants’ quarters.

    I understand Elizabeth Arden cream is useful in cold climates.

  12. The North Sea was a popular investment back when I was working in it. It didn’t have the political risk of third world countries. (Coups, confiscation, civil unrest, etc)
    Now political risk is dissuading investment. (Sturgeon, windfall taxes, greenery, licensing, and forget about fracking.)
    We’re joining the third world. Yay!

  13. @Ollie: “Miss me yet?” I can remember reading a historian who opined that Ollie gave Scotland the best government it ever had. I don’t suppose a view of the Scottish Nazi Party government would change his opinion.

  14. If you had PR you could vote for Reform and it wouldn’t be wasted.

    The extreme right party actually managed to drag Sweden, of all places, rightward.

    Couldn’t happen in FPP Sweden

  15. “If you had PR you could vote for Reform and it wouldn’t be wasted.”

    It won’t be wasted – if Reform get enough votes they’ll wipe out the Tory party. Which is the first stage of getting an actual Right wing party in the UK.

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