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Slightly jarring

Following a trial at the Old Bailey, chef Kusai Al-Jundi, 25, and delivery driver Mohamed El-Abboud, 28, were found guilty of her murder on Thursday.

That’s awful and appalling, but not the jarring bit. As we know, murders, crimes, do happen.

Romanian national El-Abboud

Eh? Romanian?

5 thoughts on “Slightly jarring”

  1. Two men strangled a 71-year-old businesswoman in a £5 million scam to plunder her life savings before posting videos on TikTok from her house.

    Why, I’m starting to suspect they’re not here to pay our pensions!

  2. Why, I’m starting to suspect they’re not here to pay our pensions!

    Tut, tut Steve. Why do you think they wanted the £5 million?

    Eh? Romanian?

    He’s just as Romanian as Sadiq Khan is English, Tim.

  3. Some 15 years ago I was processing an application for a young man to start a training course in a further education college. He was clearly African and spoke very little English. In fact he seemed quite bewildered to be in an urban environment, gazing around at wonders like computers and automatic doors and coffee machines. And although UK and EU students had their fees paid by the government, youngsters from outside Europe were subject to complicated funding arrangements and phone calls to embassies were often required. It was going to be a long and tedious morning.

    I needn’t have worried, though. After a couple of minutes trying to copy his name down, he proudly produced his Swedish passport.

  4. @Sam Vara. Ah. Happens a lot. Was once in a small shop with a serviced photocopier there was a family with a disabled child. Clearly couldn’t speak English. Clearly from Indian subcontinent, and not the mostly Hindu part. Except they were actually Italian judging from the passports they were getting copied for some benefits application.

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