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Richard Murphy says:
January 14 2023 at 7:24 pm
The subsidies are the income tax, corporation tax and NI subsidies given for pension contributions

From the corporation’s point of view pension contributions are a cost of employing someone. So, of course they’re deductible from revenues before we calculate profits to be taxed.

Is he really suggesting that the deductibility of delayed compensation is a tax break?

4 thoughts on “Snigger”

  1. Pension salary sacrifice will reduce both the employee and employer NI charges, so he could be talking about that

  2. Anything you earn, that you’re allowed to keep, is because there’s been a ‘tax break’, according to Spud.

  3. Yes he is, really is.

    Although funnily enough, nowhere does he say that non contributory DB scheme members like doctors such as, oh I don’t know, his wife, should be charged tax to equalise the effect of DC scheme members not getting tax deferred ok m their contributions. In fact he seems to think the pension value limit for doctors is a disgrace.
    Is it ‘cos he can’t join the dots or is he just a greedy cumt?

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