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In a desperate attempt to be hip and with it, daddy-o, the Brit awards scrapped its male and female categories for best artist and replaced them with one “gender-neutral” list. Imagine the woke puzzlement, shading into apoplexy, when all five shortlisted acts were male.

The left was angry, but simply didn’t know what to say. Apart from one marvellously dim columnist who studied the result, scratched his little head and opined:

“My view is gender-neutral awards should reserve 50 per cent of nominations for women.”

I was wondering who that was and, of course, it was Owen Jones.

16 thoughts on “Snigger”

  1. “My view is gender-neutral awards should reserve 50 per cent of nominations for women.”

    Quite restrained for the filthy little shit. You’d normally expect him to demand that 51 per cent of winners be women. Then again, he probably doesn’t know (or wouldn’t with clarity, say) what a woman is nowadays, would he/she/it?

    The whole mess was totally predictable though.

  2. Asiaseen: more MTFs obvs! The aging twink reported me for pointing out medical interventions on Ts were physically harmful. Elon’s Prague spring over on his place has been very short…

  3. @ asiaseen
    50% reserved for women, but none reserved for men so out of 5 at least three go to women (or, maybe, two women and one “transwoman” – d’you think that was what Owen Jones was aiming for?). If one of the women is actually first or second on merit then she gets one of the open places and it ends up with four women and one man.

  4. Surely the obvious solution would be to have Best Male Actor, Best Female Actor (given that we can’t say actress anymore…) and Best Actor. They could, if they wanted to, have Best LGBTQ dadidaada Actor, but there comes a point, fairly quickly, when the award becomes a label of one’s sexuality, and nothing to do with acting….

    And what’s the betting that it would be determined that the Best Actor ward would have to rotatethrough the sexual options?

  5. It’s amazing the mental knots lefties tie themselves up in over trivial stuff like this. It is amusing to watch though.

  6. Surely the obvious solution would be . . .

    . . . neutron bomb the entire gathering?

    I’ll settle for the TV free existence that keeps it out of my life. Though it’s disturbing how much can get through with just a quick scan of MailOnline.

  7. Last year was also gender neutral, so let’s look at the winners:

    Female (9):
    Album: Adele
    Artist: Adele
    Single: Adele
    Pop: Dua Lipa
    Dance: Becky Hill
    New: Little Simz
    International Artist: Billie Eilish
    International Song: Olivia Rodrigo
    Rising Star: Holly Humberstone

    Male (4):
    Rock/Alt: Sam Fender
    Hip hip: Dave
    Producer: Inflo
    Songwriter: Ed Sheeran

    Group (2):
    Group: Wolf Alice (Male & Female)
    International Group: Silk Sonic (Male)

    I think it would be fair to say that that year’s awards were dominated by women. I don’t remember hearing any complaints about that.

    And even this year, two acts got four nominations each: Harry Styles (male) and Wet Leg (female duo). I don’t see any evidence of bias.

  8. It’s unconscious bias, Charles. 🙂

    “We are all guilty”, he added, before anyone could stop him. I think Michael Wharton was actually Wells’s Time Traveller, reporting back on the world in 2023.

  9. Why not Straight White Male Film Awards? All the usual categories, Best Actor, Co-star, Director, Producer, Key Grip etc. etc. but for straight white blokes only.
    Then have another one for White Female Film Awards, others for LGBTQIA++, Black Straight bloke (cont. P94).
    The makers of red carpets would wet themselves at the idea.

    Works for MOBO doesn’t it?

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