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So, here’s an interesting question

Brazil has had coups before. Several at least if memory serves.

Brazil’s attempted coup was thwarted by Lula’s decisive action, minister says
Alexandre Padilha says insurrection by Bolsonaro supporters was well-organized ‘act of terrorism’ aimed at toppling government

Have any of those coups – successful or not – been done by proles in soccer shirts shouting at Parliament? Or have they been rather more serious than that, the Army falling out the tanks and all that?

So, given that they do know what a coup looks like, how to have one, was this one?

10 thoughts on “So, here’s an interesting question”

  1. For journalists at the Guardian and the BBC, groups of shouty blokes in soccer shirts are about as bad as it gets.

  2. These days any protest march for a right wing cause is a coup. At least according to the political left.

  3. It’s like shouting “racist” and “fascist” at anyone who isn’t woke enough.
    These days I have to include “enough” in that sentence

  4. Salamander is correct.

    Obviously widespread vote fraud, blatant refusals to credibly audit the vote counts, and every institution from the MSM to the judiciary putting their thumbs on the scale is not a coup, unless it results in a “right wing” government.

    Bolso seemed to think that the Yanquis would support him because he’s not a Communist (similar to Trump’s mistaken belief he could trust senior American military men). Idk if he ever caught on, but the State Department hates his guts and was desperate to see Lula back.

  5. jgh, generally more terminal purging of the Other Side ( and anyone convenient in their own ranks.. ) for the Good of the Glorious Nation.

  6. Thailand used to have proper coups like clockwork. I think the guy who ended up owning Manchester City for a bit had been thrown out by one.

    And then they just stopped, for some reason.

  7. @ jgh
    They vary, according to country. When I was young the regular coups in Turkey after practically every free election when the left-wing secularist army ousted the right-wing pro-religion government hardly killed anyone in sharp contrast with the “October Revolution” when Lenin replaced the Kerensky government appointed after the Tsar abdication and plunged Russia into civil war or with the Ba’ath coup in Iraq killing the King and hundreds of others, or with Gaddafi’s coup in Libya, murdering the elderly king Idris and his ministers, or with the Ba’ath coup in Syria or with the Burmese coup which has killed thousands or Cambodia which killed millions … The Colonel’s coup in Greece throwing out the popular monarch was, again, relatively blood-free suggesting that armies kill fewr people than civilian conspirators.

  8. It’s a lot like the Buffalo guy and little old Tea Party lady doing an unarmed insurrection and attempted coup in the US when the citizens possess something like 1.5 guns, long and pistol, for every man, woman and child in the country. It takes a wonderful mind to make the leap. Wonderful in the sense of unrestrained lunacy.

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