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Richard Murphy says:
January 10 2023 at 10:00 pm
They are all neoliberal fools

I don’t have to pick

Central bankers are lined up to destroy the livelihoods of billions

And I don’t believe your claim

Trolls aren’t hard to spot

Once again, cometh the hour, cometh the tuber.

Everyone who has managed to follow a career in central banking is simply wrong – so proven by a retired accountant from Wandsworth.

10 thoughts on “So There!”

  1. “accountant”.

    With the acumen concerning that trade he displays daily, “incompetent”, “fraudulent”, and “failed” comes to mind.

  2. I got the sense from his utterings over the years, and his name dropping of his close “work” with former members (at best he made the tea), that he quite fancied himself to be asked on to the MPC.

    His bubble has been popped somewhere, the delusion of grandeur shattered and this is the cause of his recent mad rantings about the fascists at the Bank of England

  3. “Central bankers are lined up to destroy the livelihoods of billions”

    Not an entirely unpopular view around here. Should give pause for thought but probably won’t.

  4. “Everyone who has managed to follow a career in central banking is simply wrong”

    In principle this is quite possible. To get to that point they will have to think a certain way, or at least profess to. It’s possible for the worldview you have to profess to succeed to be an incorrect worldview. See also political careers.

  5. He does have a point. Look at the last 2 heads of the BoE – one is noted for serial incompetence and the other is the sort of moron who believes that net zero will save the planet and doesn’t know what oil is used for – and the current boss of the ECB, another serial incompetent and a buffoon. The only question is whether these fools are acting deliberately to impoverish people and destroy their lives. They appear to have zero awareness of the likely consequences of their actions

  6. @PJF, yes, but for a teensy difference….

    Most peeps here recognise your average Banker as a capitalist bastard, whose only interest and loyalty is with himself and his wallet, and who is not particularly concerned with The Greater Good, unless (s)he gets a commision over it.
    And expect them to be that way. Just the way the world works, same as politicians being inept, corrupt, or both.

    As opposed to P³, who is of the conviction they should bow for his Sagaeous Wisdom and execute his Great Plan without question or fail, and rails at their stubborn refusal to see how he is the Solution to Everything.

    Same thing, different explanation for the behaviour.
    With a probability approaching certainty that the consensus view here is actually correct.

  7. Rob Fisher
    See also climate change evangelists.
    Of course, many are not wrong about the chances to enrich themselves under the guise of AGW.

  8. Dennis, Gazing Into My Crystal Ball

    Central bankers are lined up to destroy the livelihoods of billions

    Substitute “The Jews” for “Central bankers” and Spud’s right were he should have been: Germany in the 1930s. It is our tragedy that he missed his date with destiny. He’d have looked good in a Volkssturm uniform in 1945…

  9. @Dennis: his obsession with trains would have fitted in well too. All those ‘central bankers’ didn’t get to their concentration camps on foot……

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