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So, whadda ya gonna do?

The Republican congressman George Santos is facing renewed calls to resign over reports that he performed as a drag queen in Brazilian beauty pageants and went by the name of Kitara.

Brazilian friends of the embattled congressman, 34, said they met Santos when he was cross-dressing at a gay pride parade in the Niteroi suburb of Rio de Janeiro in 2005. He took to Twitter today to deny the claims, but a performer who uses the drag name Eula Rochard, said he later competed in drag beauty pageants and aspired to be crowned Miss Gay Rio de Janeiro.

16 year old is in drag at Pride. Do the woke and progressive support his expression of his true and inner self? Or shout that he’s a Republican so it’s different?

7 thoughts on “So, whadda ya gonna do?”

  1. It’s a well known fact that those who do not subscribe to Lefty politics are evil facists. Who invented the Gulags? Who shot and tortured those evil right-wingers who tried to leave the Socialist paradise that was East Germany?

    Oh, wait…

  2. It really is a land of opportunity though. Born to poor immigrants, spent time as a drag queen, defrauded investors, and got elected to the House of Representatives by age 34.

  3. Lemme see… As a Democrat… He would be hailed and viciously protected as a living saint of Inclusiveness and Success.

    So yes,, It’s merely the fact that he’s a Republican.

  4. The Left turned against Caitlyn Jenner for being a Republican, so they’ll probably just grab the popcorn on this one.

  5. As well as being a Republican, isn’t his other sin, in the eyes of the Left, that he’s repented and no longer dresses in drag?

    But anyway, old news. As I like to point out to Yankee tranny-supporters, the first cross-dressing lawmaker in America was the Earl of Clarendon, appointed Governor of New York by the British Crown.

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