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So, who you gonna believe here?

As to the reason for his visit, most experts conclude it was caused by climate change, triggered by rising fossil fuel emissions, which is heating the planet and reducing the sea ice cover upon which walruses rest, hunt and digest their food. As Molly Gray, of British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDLMR) put it: “It’s not very normal to see walruses down here so we imagine it is because of climate change.”

This interpretation is not shared by everyone, however. Indeed, it was flatly rejected by climate change sceptic Matt Ridley in the Times. Everything is fine and dandy in the Arctic, he insisted. Sea ice levels are not badly affected and, far from being a threatened species, walrus numbers are rising, along with those of polar bears. Why don’t you report the good news about the environment? he demanded.

Needless to say, Ridley’s assertion is hotly disputed. Yes, numbers of walruses have been recovering slowly since 1952 – when Norway made it illegal to hunt them. That does not mean they are thriving in a warming climate, says Bob Ward, policy director at the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change. “In fact, in 2016, the walrus was classified as vulnerable on the IUCN red list of threatened species.”

Tough one really. Matt Ridley or Bob Ward?

Or even, facts. Walrus numbers are up – therefore walrii are less threatened than before.

19 thoughts on “So, who you gonna believe here?”

  1. ‘Yes, numbers of walruses have been recovering slowly since 1952 – when Norway made it illegal to hunt them.’

    This does appear to be the answer.

  2. ’…caused by climate change, triggered by rising fossil fuel emissions…’

    Of course! Perish the thought it might have been triggered by that huge ball of burning hydrogen we orbit. That’s just crazy talk.

  3. Why would any sane walrus travel South when Global Warming is wreaking such havoc here? On the other hand, South is the only available direction if you start at the North pole.

  4. Bob Ward is paid by a billionaire specifically to push climate alarm. Matt Ridley is a clear-thinking chap who writes stuff he believes.

  5. As usual climate “science” has all the answers. A sample size one walrus is all that is need to confirm everything…… provided we ignore the activities of the other 250,000 walrus as well as everything else inconvenient.

  6. Back in the day it was the Marxists and the Trots who were pushing the line about “Everything is politics”. Nobody except the Marxists and the Trots gave a damn and all was fine and dandy.

    Nowadays everything is about Warble Gloaming / CAGW / Climate Crisis or whatever category you put this pointless wibble. It’s just an excuse for our former Marxists and Trots to camouflage themselves as Watermelons and push the line “Everything is Climate Change” (or whatever).

    Same bullshit, different byline with the added advantage that can wear a suit and own an alarm clock can get paid big bucks and attend fancy overseas conferences by being a “Climate Change Advisor” to some local council or NHS Trust.

    Lions (or possibly tigers) with lasers. It’s the only way.

  7. “It’s not very normal to see walruses down here so we imagine it is because of climate change.”

    How do they know? What did they do – cut the brute in half and count/measure the rings?

  8. The very simple reason you find walrus(sses) coming South is that because of Evil Fishing Quota the North Sea is no longer overfished, herring and other feed fish have returned to viable populations, and all kinds of sea mammals are coming back, including the walrus.

    Usually they don’t come this far south because the North Sea is the Hood of the Grey Seal, which is the large and very unfluffy variety of the cute stuff you see perform tricks in zoo’s and marine parks.
    Grey seals don’t do tricks, they eat other seals and small whales. And you, if you give them half a chance. And they will happily take on a walrus with a couple of mates.

    However, the North Sea population of seals, especially the grey seal has been hit hard by a Mistery Virus ( probably a bird flu of the nasty variety ) and the grey seal population has been in decline in the past couple of years, leaving holes in their territories.
    Which allows the more enterprising walrus to hang around here without being mugged and enjoy good food and comfy waters without all that snow and ice stuff.

    Nowt to do with Worbal Gloaming, and everything to do with the habit of ex-dinosaurs of flying all over the place and drop their shit ( and diseases.. ) everywhere.

  9. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    More walruses means more walruses with the [lack of]* good sense to spend time on the North Yorkshire coastline.

    *: Delete if you are from Yorkshire.

  10. Anyone who claims any species is threatened by “climate change” has surely demonstrated they are not in any reasonable sense an “expert”!

  11. Susan Crockford discusses the difficulty of getting accurate counts of walrus numbers involved in haulouts. The beasts tend to lie on top of one another. Well worth a read for those into animal trivia – and overactive imaginations.

  12. He could actually do it now that he’s retired from the House of Lords too……’bout time we had a Viscount as PM again.

  13. Sounds pretty honest to me- “so we imagine it is because of climate change”
    Sounds like he knows its in their imagination.

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