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Strange statement

When Roe gave power to doctors, it established the rule of thumb that abortion should be a decision “between a woman and her doctor.” Gender essentialism aside, this is medical paternalism. “It’s implied that if you’re going to have an abortion, you should have to confess why you need it to at least one person,” Bertram Roberts said. “There should be that one gatekeeper, the doctor. Gynecologists have long been overwhelmingly white men. It’s like young women [before Roe] having to go ask their dad, ‘Can I have an abortion?’ It’s medical daddy, and that’s bullshit.”

82% of American Ob/Gyns are female.

Not that we know how to define that any more, female.

8 thoughts on “Strange statement”

  1. The logical conclusion to the argument in Jezebel is that it should be perfectly legal to murder your child when it’s born.

    But of course then you must consider the cut-off age. Zero, one, ten, twenty, one hundred years old?

    Despite the whining, there must be an end-point somewhere.

  2. @Boganboy

    In olden ancient Rome didn’t the right for the paterfamilias to kill his children for any reason he chose (might blacken his name but no legal sanction for doing so) end when they were married off to someone else? Or presumably once you sold them into slavery.

  3. Anon

    According to wiki that applied to women, but not men. At least women married the old-fashioned way. Their husbands gained the right to give them the chop.

    But the power of the state gradually reduced the rights of the paterfamilias. Indeed under Hadrian, a father who killed his son was stripped of both his citizenship and all its attendant rights, had his property confiscated and was permanently exiled.

  4. She must have a male gynecologist and assume all are male. Typical “progressive.” Then I wonder if she had the same thoughts on COVID vaccines — whether or not getting vaccinated is purely an individual choice.

  5. It’s not even true.

    The only doctor a woman need consult is the abortionist themselves. No going to see an OB/GYN first.

    And the abortionist doesn’t ask ‘why’.

    They ask ‘cash or credit’

  6. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    Well, seeing as you have to confess your need for ramipril to at least one professional gatekeeper, gnerally every 3 months for forever, it doesn’t seem unreasonable to have to share your need for this kind of very specific pro assistance with a pro gatekeeper.

  7. perhaps I misunderstood, but surely the whole point of Wade v Roe was that it made abortion on demand a constitutional right, and all that the recent decision on it does is push that back to the individual states.

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