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Ritchie reads a report from the Resolution Foundation:

It seems that I am not alone in worrying about the tax relief on savings, on which I commented last week. Now the Resolution Foundation has looked at the tax relief on ISAs alone

The report makes much of the importance of cash savings. The effects on household financial resilience and so on. And makes the point that the UK has low, by G7 standards, levels of such savings. They think this is a bad thing.


So why, when cash saving does little for the economy, is money being so poorly targeted in this way?

The time for ISAs to either be given a social purpose linked to the Green New Deal or to be abolished has arrived.

Report which bemoans the shortage of cash savings is taken as proof of the necessity of abolishing cash savings.

Well done that man.

7 thoughts on “SuperSpud!”

  1. Murphy’s pension pot was full of gilts, he was lauding doubt he panicked and sold after prices he is lauding being in cash after suffering a 25-50% hit (depending on duration) thing is for certain he will never tell the truth unless it paints him in a favourable light

  2. ‘Cometh the hour cometh the man’

    The obvious solution to stop taxing people on modest incomes at all and shrink the state down accordingly (especially given the lamentable performance of the public sector) is of course anathema

    What a worthless piece of intellectual flotsam he is – utterly without any redeeming features. I think senility is kicking in though so with any luck the end may be near for him. I’ll certainly be raising several glasses to toast his demise.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    “ Ritchie reads a report from the Resolution Foundation:”

    Shouldn’t that be “didn’t read” as you have QEDd?

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