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Sure, entirely true

This is an era of plentiful, cheap, renewable energy, but the fossil fuel dinosaurs can’t admit it
Zoe Williams

For a couple of days this month, wind power supplied over half the UK’s electricity. You wouldn’t know it from our bills – or our politicians

It’s making sure we’ve got electricity on the other 29 days of this month that’s the issue.


8 thoughts on “Sure, entirely true”

  1. “You wouldn’t know it from our bills”.
    Why exactly is that then Zoe?
    Perhaps you could investigate and find out why fossil fuels have become so expensive and why ‘renewables’ are tied to this cost rather than the cost of production. I mean, wind is free cheap, right?

    As an aside, Bob Ward (Grantham Institute) was on Nigels GBNews programme a couple of days ago. I’ve read some of his comments (and seen them proven incorrect) over a number of years but first time i’ve seen him ‘live’ as it were. Insane, certifiable nutjob.

  2. The output of unreliables might have equated to half the UKs needs, but as to where that output was actually going…..

    Er, we do damn well know it from our bill luv!

  3. “It’s making sure we’ve got electricity on the other 29 days of this month that’s the issue.”

    And the other half of the two days. And looking to the future, enough electricity to fuel those oh so green electric cars that we’re all going to be driving. I despair of our politicians sometimes. We barely have enough electricity capacity for our current (see what I did there?) needs, they have no plans to increase the supply, yet they’re mandating no internal combustion engine cars after 2030. They’re insane, I hope the gods hurry up so we can get our sensible world back: “Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad.”

  4. I owe Murphy an apology

    It’s taken less than a day to find someone who has surpassed him in stupidity terms. You have to question whether the editors or sub editors at the guardian actually even deign to switch on their laptops as that article should never have made it on to the final pages. Christ on a Bike…

  5. “Our glorious tractor production has been sabotaged by evil capitalist wreckers!”

    Sorry, just a bit of deja vu there 🙂

  6. Yes, you would know it from our bills that are inflated by the subsidies to generators of “green” electricity (including all those solar panels and mini-windmills on the roofs of Ed Millionaireband friends and fans).

  7. ‘This is an era of plentiful, cheap, renewable energy…’

    So why is it that as more ‘renewables’ enter the mix, electricity bills go up and up?

    And why is Germany – poster child for Green Fascism – building coal-fired power stations despite 30 000 wind mills and hundreds of billions €uro ‘invested’ in unreliables over the last twenty-odd years?

  8. Zoe’s telling us she know nothing about reactive power, frequency stability and grid inertia without tellings us knows &c.

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