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They’re not supposed beliefs at all

Police sometimes do not deal with victims of honour-based abuse because of their fears of being accused of racism, MPs have heard.

Honour-based abuse and violence is the term that refers to practices predominantly used to control the behaviour of women and girls to protect supposed cultural and religious beliefs.

They’re actual cultural and religious beliefs.

And, as we know, our society has been immeasurably enriched by importing large numbers of people with such beliefs. So that’s alright then.

14 thoughts on “They’re not supposed beliefs at all”

  1. No, no, the Home Office’s tame imams tell them that these are false beliefs and not meant to be promoted by Islam, and they wouldn’t lie, surely?

  2. “I’m sorry, Sir, but I’m going to arrest you because although I note your thoughts about upskirting, they are not on the register of supposed beliefs…”

  3. As with a colleague who was adamant in his belief that islam was peaceful and those who indulged in violence in its’ name were “misinterpreting the koran”, I said “it doesn’t matter what you believe. What matters is what they believe”.

    JuliaM @ 7.48, The term is Taqiyya.

  4. Really?

    The British authorities are worthless cowards and pussies who routinely turn a blind eye to criminals of the Diverse persuasion, when they’re not literally running away from them on bridges and abandoning helpless civilians?

    What a shocking and disturbing development! Thankfully we have a Conservative government with a stonking Commons majority, I shall write a letter of complaint to my MP.

    My MP is a tough guy who talks tough on defending our borders from foreign invasion. OK, he means Ukraine’s borders, but I’m sure this is a simple misunderstanding that will be cleared up as soon as I point out who pays his wages.

  5. Julia’s quite correct there. This is something anyone who’s had to deal with the Muslim community will have experienced. One is expected to accept matters as being true, not only whilst knowing they’re not. But also knowing that the person expecting them to accept them also must know they’re not true. The classic is constantly being addressed as “My friend”. When you’ve never known the person before, they haven’t you, so you have absolutely no basis for friendship. But you are then expected to offer a level of trust that would depend on friendship. And they’ll still be calling you “My Friend” when they’re outright lying to you.
    The why of it? They seem to have an inverted notion of cause & effect summed up by “As Allah wills it”. So if Allah wills it, it will be true. And if Allah doesn’t, the truth will be different. But it’s not their personal responsibility. The past can change to suit the present.
    So Julia’s quite right. These things will not have happened because Allah will not have willed them to. Our view of reality must be incorrect. If the evidence points to an unsatisfactory conclusion than the evidence must obviously be incorrect.

  6. Andrew Tate converted to Islam*. Should be fun watching them tiptoe around that.

    * or is muted to have done so by the Telegraph

  7. BiS, I am constantly filled with joy knowing that the shit lives being lived by the vast majority of moslems is Insha’ allah.
    Never forget too, that they consider their time on Earth as a trial / test of their salat, prior to getting their paws on the 72 virgins in the next life.

  8. The problem is that in Islam the fundamentalists won, it would be like the largest Christian group being some tee-total Old Testament god of vengeance group.
    Look back at Islamic art/poetry and there’s plenty of references to drinking, there’s even paintings of the prophet as not all groups had that restriction.
    Over time it could shift, the CofE is now so liberal as to not even be Christians it seems.

  9. BinC
    Personally I don’t think there’s a hair’s breath of difference between Islam & the CofE on this sort of thing. (Or the RC) Except currently they’re not actually murdering people. CofE’s currently rewriting the entirety of Christian teaching to agree with its latest fad. As it’s done repeatedly in the past. All religions are like this. It’s the only way they can make what is basically nonsense relevant to whatever the current situation is.

  10. BiS, but that’s not the case with islam. It is the unalterable word of god. What it says is what it means, even if there are different verses which contradict each other. The key here is ‘Abrogation’. The verse which came last is the one which is correct and supercedes any previous verse. It’s all bollocks of course, but as I said, it’s what they believe that’s important.

    The reason ropers kill people and Christians don’t is because the koran commands them to kill people and the bible tells people not to (Not the old testament here, King James).

  11. Addolff,

    “The reason ropers kill people and Christians don’t is because the koran commands them to kill people and the bible tells people not to (Not the old testament here, King James).”

    I don’t know the details of that, but there was plenty of killing going on under the name of Christianity or even one version of Christianity vs another version of Christianity.

    Religion is a tool for organising and controlling people, and giving a moral dimension to greed. Kings invaded each other and took land to get rich under the cover of religion. No, no, this isn’t about me getting richer and more powerful, it’s about clearing the filthy heretics away. It’s like everyone believed what ISIS told them, when in truth, ISIS just wanted to make a lot of money and rape women.

    The decline of religion in the West is mostly linked to the fact that we’re now industrial, land doesn’t have much value, so no-one wants to start wars to take the land.

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