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This is a good point

And the problem with McGwire’s definition of “conversion” is that any patient self-identifying as trans could accuse their therapist of trying to “convert them” simply because the therapist questioned their reason for identifying that way. Even if, in the drafting of this bill, the act of questioning is not in itself criminalised, the subjective nature of the definition “conversion”, and the intangibility of perceived intent, would lead doctors and therapists to err on the side of caution and refrain from engaging in the difficult and upsetting conversations needed for psychological diagnosis.

How can you do any form of psychological diagnosis unless there is at least some questioning? Some assertion of the null hypothesis at some point? And if conversion therapy is to be verywidely defined then it will indeed include the banning of questioning or the assertion of the null hypothesis, no?

8 thoughts on “This is a good point”

  1. Well…. Given that the whole point is that we aren’t supposed to be allowed to ask Inconvenient Questions about anything our self-appointed Overlords state ex-cathedra..

    Why not enshrine it in law? Or at least attempt to. Long March is Long…

  2. Yarp, this is the purpose of the Bill.

    I can’t help but imagine myself – born in 2008 rather than 1998, in Scotland rather than Sussex – and the thrill I had felt at choosing my “real name” being amplified as I discover the path to “become my true self” can be traversed quicker than ever before

    A girl born in the 90’s who started mistaking herself for a boy would probably be given very successful “conversion therapy” in the form of peers and adults unwilling to participate in her gender games. 99% chance she’d happily grow out of it.

    That’s exactly what they want to ban.

  3. Article is quite on-brand for the Telegraph but was surprised to be served up an advert for a BBC Sounds podcast “The Light We Carry” in which “Michelle Obama [big picture of her smiling] shares her insights & strategies for living boldly in an uncertain world.” Which is about the most off-brand ad for the Tel imaginable.

    Will the BBC be running a podcast by Melania Trump to keep things balanced out? Or maybe Sam Cam or Nut-Nut? I might actually listen to a podcast by Philip May about the Swiss mountains.

  4. Yes, Isla. I understand you’ve always wanted to be a girl and that’s why you raped those women. Check.

    Sturgeon thought her gender recognition bill would put a bomb under the devolution settlement. Unfortunately for her, the bomb went off prematurely and now she looks like Abu Hamza.

  5. Looks like they are trying to push this through before the detransitioners highlighting lack of oversight and proper medical/psychological support gain too much headway in scuppering the trans narrative.
    There’s one in Canada who has applied to the assisted dying program as they regret the conversion and loss of fertility, as they are First Nations their comment about doctors/government being happy to sterilise and kill First Nations people is causing some head spinning for the lefties.

  6. “McGwire”: I’ve not seen that spelling of ‘Maguire’ before. Is it a cheap stunt to make her name look unique?

    Or is she, perhaps, of American origin?

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