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This is good

Thousands of rape, sexual assaults and stalking cases have been linked to dating apps after skyrocketing in the past five years, The Telegraph can reveal.

An investigation by this newspaper found there had been 8,366 reported predatory offences which involved dating apps including Tinder and Bumble since the start of 2017.

Harassment and administering a substance with intent, more commonly known as spiking, also formed part of the trawl of police databases from 29 forces in England and Wales.

The Telegraph’s analysis found there had been a sharp rise in the number of police cases linked to the apps, which exploded by 175 per cent, from 699 in 2017 to 1,922 in 2021.

Well, not good, but still, sorta, good.

Because, through the use of the app there’s at least a chance of getting a handle on the identity of the alleged rapist. That’s good, no?

6 thoughts on “This is good”

  1. I’ve only recently noticed dating apps. Could the change just be that they’ve just come into fashion, so the disadvantages are just being noticed.

    If one checked the crude whinge rate, would there actually have been overall rise in bitching?

    Of course it might just be that I don’t notice things even when they’re screaming in my face.

  2. I have a suspicion that the victim also knew her assailant back in the days before these apps. All that’s changed is the numbers.

  3. … The Telegraph can reveal.

    That’s good of them. Tomorrow they might tell us that the sky is blue.

  4. Whenever I hear stats like these, as horrible as they are, I also want to know the baseline numbers. Is this a higher prevalence than is seen with more conventional dating methods? Is the likelihood higher than was seen in the bar/club scene before the creation of these apps? Until that is reported, there is no clear conclusion as to whether dating apps are safer or more dangerous. As Tim said, at least nowadays you can find a phone number, email address and IP address for the perp in most cases. A friend of mine had his entire phone banned from a particular app simply for getting edgy with his jokes in the chat section, so the technological advancements are a big plus for punishing more serious offenses. Of course, we unfortunately also have to verify how many of these reports were “actual” assaults, given the media’s credibility.

    There’s also another degree of seediness on these apps, as several women run scams from fake accounts. I’ve had a few cases where women have switched from planning a first date to giving me a pitch for some random cryptocurrency. I’ve begun to ignore any Likes from any Chinese women who aren’t clearly from a Western country, as most scams tend to come from that realm, and I also have to worry about them collecting data for the CCP. That’s not counting all the trashy women posing primarily in their underwear and covered in tattoos, especially on Tinder and Bumble, and soliciting as swingers, escorts or prostitutes. In general, like anything else on the internet, you have to sift through all the bullshit before you find something legitimate or safe.

  5. Gosh. It’s hard to parse what passes for journalism nowadays. Just going from the headline – what constitutes ‘linked/involved’? Do they mean people who hooked up using a dating app? Well yep, da yoof have moved exclusivley online nowadays. Even real world events like speed dating have been carpet-bombed by online apps. Just like the retail world, or dvd rentals. So predators have moved online too? Tell us something we don’t know.
    As for claiming that they’ve investigated something – I rather suspect they’ve just been fed some numbers from campaigners with an axe to grind. Those inflation linked pay rises need to be justified.

    Of course, there is also the small matter that in these enlightened times, simply staring for too long at a person can constitute sexual assault.

    I wonder if they will mention the rapey predilections of some of our duskier hued immigrants?

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