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This is very good advice

I actually recommend emigration to all non-conformists. Whether you’re a trainspotter or trans-Potter*, in a foreign country people will just shrug their shoulders and go “must be a British thing”. The weirder you are, the further you have to go.

Andrew M

Works the other way too. Non-conformist Siberians will be thought of as just a bit foreign in Dudley too…..

8 thoughts on “This is very good advice”

  1. The trans potters have left the national theatre for hollywood. Meanwhile JK Rowling remains the richest person permanently resident in Scotland.

  2. Yes, the more “Transgender-queer” or whatever unlikely combination of LGBTQ etc. you are, the further you need to go in order to clear the Islamic countries.

  3. Cambodia and Laos are famously the destinations of choice for the most perverted Westerners.

    What do these people emigrating think they will do for a living though? There’s a few with IT skills, but most of them are merely hopeless.

  4. Some Aussie Mahometans decided to emigrate to Syria to murder people. Of course the idiotic government now wants to bring them back to murder us.

  5. Didn’t work for Gary Glitter….

    True, but he did make himself conspicuous, hanging around the pool in his silver jumpsuit and platforms.

  6. Then again, he did have the rather limiting characteristic of being Gary Glitter with glam rock star personality to match. Quite hard to turn that down.

    Whereas there are any number of pedos that have behaved equally despicably for a lot longer and not been caught despite abusing kids daily. Their crimes only coming to light after they’ve died.

    They knew well enough to have a nice foreign pension (civil service preferred of course) and pay the families of the kids they were abusing more than the local standard of living, to abuse their kids. If the alternative is the entire family starving to death then that’s a bit of a “Sophie’s Choice”, isn’t it?

    Also why Communist shit holes like Cambodia and Vietnam are preferred by the likes of Gary Glitter, since Communism provides that massive amount of absolute poverty where such practices can thrive.

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