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This isn’t about gas stove safety at all

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Wednesday claimed gas stoves can cause brain damage, sparking a fresh row in America’s culture wars as she defended a potential government ban on the appliances.

This is part of the war on fossil fuels.

That is all.

30 thoughts on “This isn’t about gas stove safety at all”

  1. If everything is electric with smartmeters you can switch off distantly…(coming from a country that has more than halved electricity generation in tenty years)

  2. She’s right. Hit someone over the head with a gas stove and there’s a good chance they’ll end up with brain damage. Same with hammers, so let’s ban those.

  3. @Arthur the cat

    I bought a hammer the other day. There were no instructions saying that I should NOT hit someone over the head with it so having done so, I think I may have a cause to sue the manufacturer.

  4. So having taken advantage of the gas industry’s support to drive a stake through the heart of dirty old coal, they’re now going for gas.

    I used to wonder how they’d blame fossil fuel for the blackouts after they’d abolished it. But I’ve noticed they have no difficulty in blaming the foul fossilers for their lack of investment causing the present high prices, after they’ve been trying to strangle this investment for the last 40 odd years.

  5. Publish some research finding that Puerto Ricans rely heavily on gas stoves, and she might review her medical judgements.

  6. Presumably that’s why she didn’t buy one for her abuela.

    Why she didn’t pay for repairs to the poor woman’s house after Hurricane Maria while gleefully making political capital about the event remains unclear.

  7. A climate-conscious President Joe Biden has led a push away from gas

    It’s weird seeing Western governments deliberately sabotage their own people, but even weirder seeing the Torygraph pretend that a drooling geriatric nonce whose unnatural existence is prolonged through dark Satanic rituals and cash bribes is “conscious”.

  8. Arthur

    Just as dangerous is banging your head reaching for the knob when you’ve stuck your head inside the oven.

  9. @Steve
    Reminds me of a meme going around, “Tell me how old you are without mentioning your age”. My answer was that I remember when politicians would at least lie to you about making your life better. Now they blatantly tell you it needs to get worse because reasons.

  10. ‘ Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Wednesday claimed gas stoves can cause brain damage…’

    She should know being one if their victims.

  11. She should know being one if their victims.

    Indeed. Along with Kamala Harris, Jill Biden and Elizabeth Warren, she has published an image of herself cooking with gas.

    Apparently the Whitehouse is dialling this back, so polling must have looked really bad.

  12. Nothing to do with fossil fuels, it’s to do with control. Once your heating is provided by electricity they can cut it off remotely very easily – you can’t stockpile electric in bottles, after all.

  13. Sandy Cortez, as she was known before being elected to high office (the opposite of a true socialist such as Tony Benn) is quite right to shut down as much of the US gas domestic demand as she possibly can if it means we in the UK will have access to their gas next year and not freeze to death.

  14. When Hurricane Sandy hit Long Island in 2012, my parents were without power for about 15 days. They had to charge their phones at work. There were long lines and fist fights at gas stations because people were clamoring to fill their generators as well as their cars. Entire sections of the supermarket shelves were empty, because fallen trees and debris caused supply chain issues on the highways.

    Because my parents have a gas stove, they were able to ignite it and cook some of the meat from the freezer before it spoiled. They were able to make hot soup and baked beans after that, instead of limiting themselves to crackers and water. If anything happened to the natural gas lines, they could’ve also used a propane tank for the backyard grill.

    The reason Obama won the 2012 election is because he gave New Jersey (which was the worst hit) a ton of relief money and hugged then-Governor Chris Christie in a photo-op. This was days before the vote.

    The government wants to keep us dependent on the energy grid, so they can shut off our services due to “climate change emergencies” and show us who’s in charge. It’s their sequel to the Covid lockdowns. It’s an old adage for democrats to “never let a good crisis go to waste.” And the utility companies are complying:

  15. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    “Because my parents have a gas stove, they were able to ignite it and cook some of the meat from the freezer before it spoiled. They were able to make hot soup and baked beans after that, instead of limiting themselves to crackers and water. ”

    This is precisely my apocalypse plan. Absent mains gas it’s a camping stove with enough half-pound butane cans to last beyond the time that some other hungry and less well-prepped person will comes and take it off me. Freezer contents first, then tins that will, again, last until someone comes and kills me for them.

    When the kitchen finally gets done, I will have 2-3 gas rings built in, powered off propane bottles. Mainly because I like cooking on gas more than leccy.

  16. “Tell me how old you are without mentioning your age”. That’s a good one. I used to argue that you could tell how old someone was by asking them what the population of Australia was when they were at school. But I don’t suppose that school has involved focussing on facts about foreigners for many a day.

    Another one: when I was a laddie Hitler’s concentration camps were said to have killed about eight million people. I assume that total was meant to include both Jews and gentiles. I wonder when that number stopped being talked about. I don’t recall any distinction being made between concentration camps and extermination camps. I suppose they must have lumped into that total lots of mass murders committed using the machine guns and trenches technique too.

  17. When I were a lad they were all concentration camps but we knew they also killed the occupants.

    As for dates I beat the Soviet’s fission bomb by a few months. What a time to be born!

  18. @Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    To this day, I never rent an apartment unless it has a gas stove. And I always have one of those grill igniters in the drawer. One bad blizzard and who’s left eating chili and mashed potatoes? This guy.

  19. Age……when did England last win the World Cup, which World Cup you think of may well be an indication of your age

  20. Gunker – Now they blatantly tell you it needs to get worse because reasons.

    I also enjoyed politics a lot more when they pretended they didn’t want to kill us all off.

    Anybody seen Canada lately? Won’t be long till it’s Our NHS (clap! clap! clap!) doctors warmly regaling us with heroic tales about how they personally offed 400 pensioners and disableds.

    Lord help us, and I do mean that literally.

  21. There is a grain of truth in the claim that gas stoves emit bad fumes — which is why glass blowers have serious ventilation systems for their torches, even the small ones. See:

    However, the cooking stove does not melt glass containing heavy metals (for colours), that said, clear borosilicate also causes issues, but unless you inhale directly from the flame, it’s all quite safe and nothing to worry about and your fan system for the cooker will easily take care of what there is. Lots of old glassblowers just opened the workshop door before elf’n’safety went beserk and survived the experience.

    Professional kitchens will have serious problems with electric cookers since they won’t have the heat output that is needed to boil the pots in good time. You can run a burner from a gas bottle (To bring 25 l of water to the boil, an 8.5kW burner takes about 30 minutes from cold), but it’s a lot of extra hassle and gas bottles are a different kind of gas, so the burners that currently run on plumbed gas might have to be replaced and handling bottles is of course a little more dangerous than plumbed in natural gas and more expensive. And as with the home kitchen, a professional kitchen HVAC system easily takes care of the fumes.

  22. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    There are lots of exposures we all have to various things that have marginal health effects. Those marginal health effects do indeed result in some number of people dying of said marginal health effect who would otherwise have died later (usually slightly later) of some other marginal health effect.

    The war we are in is against the absolutists who want to abolish all said effects. So, gas stoves may well have some particular marginal health effect. But compared to what? And what is the other side of the balance sheet? That people can turn their food into something hygienic, pleasant to eat, and digestible. Not everyone using a gas stove has $7,000 to burn on the latest SMEG induction thingy as replacement. Which also has some marginal health effect which is either known and deliberately omitted from the ledger, or not known but will become known.

    Fact is, if any of these marginal health effects were noteworthy, we would know about it and have long since acted on it. That none of them do, on balance, have noteworthy negative effects, beyond a very small margin, no action is needed.

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