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This strikes as the height of idiocy

The Dutch husband-and-wife team’s experiment on sustainable agriculture, a hi-tech micro-dairy called Floating Farm, can be found bobbing in the port of Rotterdam. The modernist structure houses 40 Maas-Rijn-Ijssel cows, who collectively produce some 200 gallons (757 liters) of milk a day.

How much does a boat cost? My guess is quite a lot. Further, as the old saying goes, if you have to ask what the maintenance costs are then you cannot afford one.

Cool. Now amortise those costs over 1,600 pints of milk a day. Compare with the costs of a field.

Not going to work, is it?

29 thoughts on “This strikes as the height of idiocy”

  1. Hey, don’t criticise, they’re geniuses. They’ve got the Left to support a dairy farm, instead of blaming it for destroying the planet.

  2. Those cows don’t only produce milk.
    Where does the sh*t go? Into the harbour?
    Or into PR?

    But it seems battery farming is now in fashion again.

  3. Surely trying to open a farm in the Netherlands is the first manifestation of idiocy.

    Being on a boat rather than a field is what makes it sustainable in the Netherlands.

  4. It just occurred. I know Rotterdam. The port area’s not exactly a holiday resort. I hope they’ve good security or those cows’ll end up in kebab shops.

  5. All jokes aside, and ignoring the pugnaceous “Let’s Save The Planet” stuff …

    The idea is actually viable and practical for Clogland.

    Yes, it’s battery farming ( so the Usual Suspects are all over it already..) , and it seems silly.
    Unless you realise this is Clogland, with an area of relatively well-behaved waterside suited for this that amounts to a fifth, if not more, of the dry area of the country.
    Which currently is Officially Wasteland that isn’t suited for much of anything.

    As far as our Hosts’ raised eyebrows about the costs is concerned: Between the price of land, permits, and mandatory construction needed landside, doing it like this is actually cheaper than building/converting one landside.

    It’s basically a greenhouse construction on a concrete barge. With an extra floor as the floating body.
    Which can ( to answer another question ) also hold all the shyte produced in tanks you usually find outside of the stables in landside farms. They actually work as ballast tanks in that setup.

    And I think I can safely state that us Cloggies know a thing or two about building greenhouses and barges. Greenhouses are a given , one might google images for “Taklift” for examples of how well we can build them concrete barges. Two of those have their base in a harbour a mere mile away from my home.

    As a technical solution to a problem it’s a Good Idea. For Clogland. YMMV if it would work somewhere else economically.

    The whole Saving Gaia/Inclusivity/New Economy guff makes me want to throw up, though.

  6. Excellent. Stupid and inhumane. If the climate hysterics could generate electricity like they generate stupid ideas, we’d all be driving Telslas.

  7. Incidentally… In the same vein there are/have been pilots to build greenhouses, houses, and even industrial estates here, using the same rationale: If it floats, we have the wet acreage to do something with the idea.

    The Markermeer, the IJsselmeerpolder that never came to be, and that can be/is used for these ideas is 700 km² (270 square miles) alone.. Bediked and level-regulated. But slightly too “deep” in most places to make into an actual polder economically currently.

  8. Also, incidentally, plans to use that same Markermeer as a sort of inverted Green Power storage has been shot down by the Usual Suspects.

    You’d *think* using modern windmills to pump some impressive cubic kilometers of water out, then let it run back in through a hydroplant when needed would please the Nugganites and Gaia lovers.


  9. Y’know Grikath, that Green Power storage sounds as though it might actually work. A pity you Cloggies didn’t spend your money so I could see if it does.

  10. @ Grikath
    But are “Gaia lovers” *allowed* to think for themselves?
    German “Green Party” demanding Merkel close down zero-CO2 nuclear plants and replacing them with lignite-burning generators …

  11. Could we hire a few of these and moor them in the Thames by the Houses of Parliament to be used by the pols while the old building is closed for renovations?

  12. PJF, only a minor conversion, really.. And one can adjust draught ventilation so one could theoretically …focus… the minds of said politicians on matters at hand. And have all that hot air drift away on the wind.

    All very allegorical.. 😉

  13. @John77 Last time I checked the Gaia Lovers generally can’t think to save their lives.

    See also Greta mcTrollface prancing on the edge of that Lützerath mine. Such a shame she didn’t drop like one of the other idiots did..

    Speaking of “saint” Greta.. Shouldn’t she be booted out of Germany by now? She did take part in illegal, violent protests, and got arrested twice, and…
    One can but hope, I guess, but no doubt it’ll prove that some people are, once again, More Equal Than Others…

  14. @Boganboy, It’ll never happen, unless things go South globally and we get to rebuild after picking up the pieces.

    The area has been marked as a EU Natura2000 natural park, and it’ll be impossible to claw that one back to try.

  15. Grikath said:
    “As a technical solution to a problem it’s a Good Idea. For Clogland. YMMV if it would work somewhere else economically. The whole Saving Gaia/Inclusivity/New Economy guff makes me want to throw up, though.”

    They may be being purely commercial about this. A greenwash probably helps:
    1) makes it easier to get any required government permissions
    2) charge a premium price to idiots?

  16. It’s the cows food supplies that could be a challenge. According to the website food is supplied from the city (grass, beer broth and potato peelings). Cities generally aren’t well known for grass production and what there is will probably be well-conditioned with traffic fumes etc – and as for potato peelings… I doubt the proposed dietary plan will be conducive to high volume, high quality milk production.

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