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Thousands, eh, fousands of ’em

Protesters mark 50 years since landmark decision that protected abortion rights nationwide

Poppy Noor in Washington
Sun 22 Jan 2023 21.43 GMT
Thousands of protesters gathered across the United States to protest the end of the federal right to abortion – marching on the the 50th anniversary of the Roe v Wade supreme court decision that made abortion a constitutional right in 1973, but which was struck down last year.

At more than 200 Women’s March events in 46 states, demonstrators condemned the court’s decision, which leaves it up to individual states to decide whether to protect, ban or restrict abortion rights.

Each demo might be quite small then?

8 thoughts on “Thousands, eh, fousands of ’em”

  1. Complete bol*ocks:

    …that made abortion a constitutional right in 1973…

    No it didn’t – if it was a Constitutional right no court could overturn it – the court ‘discovered’ that abortion was a ‘right’ which came under the right to privacy. The SC decided that this was nonsense, which it is.
    If you have to lie to make your case, it’s because it’s a weak one…

  2. The Graun’s always been a champion of democracy.

    Provided it’s the right democracy, of course. Decided by the correct person…

  3. I suppose it would be cruel to point out that her name, “Opium Light,” is all too appropriate to her understanding of the issues.

  4. I tend to go a little light on criticising Poppy directly. She’s clearly loopy in her political and economic ideas (you, know, Guardianista) but still.

    Can’t recall whether she was orphaned or simply in care in her teens. Sat in a bedsit, on her own, did her A levels and got into Oxbridge. Gotta respect that. Why, there might even be enough brains there for her to leave the Dark Side and See the Light at some point.

  5. These women would get a lot more respect if they also helped lessen the factors that lead to abortions. Of course, most of them support free needle programs, bail reform, single motherhood, non-monogamy, public schooling and dependence on the government.

  6. Saw on the box last night in one US city of about 3 million the “event” drew five protestors with a megaphone and a banner. Looked to be 8-10 news animals of various seriousness taking it all in.

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