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Time to put this one out to pasture

The head of a food watchdog has suggested people should not bring cake into the office for the sake of their colleagues’ health.

Prof Susan Jebb, chairwoman of the Food Standards Agency, also lamented that the advertising of junk food is “undermining people’s free will”.


10 thoughts on “Time to put this one out to pasture”

  1. In that article, she actually seems to be claiming that there is such a thing as passive eating.

    And if offering people food is undermining free will, isn’t she doing the same thing every time she warns us about something?

  2. It is those who seek to ban things, like Professor Jebb, who are “undermining people’s free will”.

    How is one to exercise one’s free will and resist temptation if the temptation has been removed by someone exercising one’s free will on one’s behalf?

    Professor Jebb’s free will would enjoy the companionship of a toothless old vegan lion who would just play with her a bit.

  3. What the fuck is people bringing cake into work to do with the FSA? Why does this bitch get paid to lecture people on what they eat? Her job is to ensure businesses don’t poison people* and that is that.

    * the experience of a relative of mine in that line of work is that pre-mass immigration such a body was scarcely needed. Classic lines from owners of filthy restaurants: “This is not dirty dirt, it is clean dirt.” and “Don’t talk to me about filth, sir! I grew up in Calcutta.”

  4. Sad to say this was discussed at length on the Radio Two Jeremy Vine show. It’s not excessive cake consumption raising my blood pressure…

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