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Women hoping to become stewardesses for Kuwait Airways claim they were made to undress so their bodies could be inspected during a recruitment event in Spain.

Three women told Spain’s El Diario news website of the tests they were subjected to at the event held at the Meliá Barajas hotel, near Madrid Airport, in November.

The event – organised by Meccti, which claims to be the world’s largest airline recruitment agency – allegedly involved candidates stripping to their underwear, with a female recruiter taking notes.

Everyone knows that’s a privilege reserved for pilots.

10 thoughts on “Tsk”

  1. I vaguely remember a comedy sketch from the 70s or 80s in which the flight attendants were all total mingers. The punchline was “You won’t want to get off!” Possibly NTNOCN, but maybe I’m making it all up.

  2. Reminds me of the old joke where the pilot forgot to turn off the intercom before telling the co-pilot to take over the controls because “I’m going to take a shit then I’m going to screw the arse off that blonde stewardess”.

    Anyway, the blonde stewardess was rushing to the cabin when she was stopped by an old lady in an aisle seat.

    “Not so fast, Dearie,” she said, “he has to take a shit first!”

  3. If undressing for an inspector makes you uncomfortable, why would you do it? It’s a sign that the job is just going to be worse.

  4. Meh…. If they can’t put up with that, you can be certain they can’t cope with all the other shyte an airline attendant has to deal with when facing the Dear Guests onboard…

    The Glamour (and opportunities to land a Good Catch..) is long gone.

  5. Checking to make sure there are no peni where they’re expecting vagini. Easier to not hire someone than to fire them later.

  6. Women who would wear a bikini in public view are upset to be seen privately in underwear? Seems unlikely.

    I presume the real complaint is that they know their weight will be under constant scrutiny, which would offend.

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