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UK productivity to rise on Feb 1

100,000 civil servants are to strike on February 1

4 thoughts on “UK productivity to rise on Feb 1”

  1. Hmmmm!! So if you work from home, you can claim you’re on strike to keep the union happy and that you are still working and should get paid. I wonder how many will try it??

  2. According to tables here: there’s about 6.8 million public sector workers, according to the ONS.

    100,000 workers spread across three unions and the entire range of public sector roles, is only 1.5% of the workforce.

    The Guardian has done this before in the headlines, many times, but the idea that anyone would actually notice the loss of output from 1.5% of the total just makes me laugh. The 100,000 is just Big Scary Number territory.

    It is kind of interesting that 100,000 is pretty close to the 90,000 that Mogg wanted to get rid of under Johnson, something Guido points out. Could get entertaining.

    With a bit of luck. Assuming Captain Ashdown has as a Sergeant Major Williams around to nail his balls to the wall.

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