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We can probably see the problem here

More than 400,000 people who are gay, transgender or non-binary have been subjected to someone trying to change, “cure” or suppress their sexual orientation or gender identity, according to new research that suggests a proposed ban on conversion practices will have a wider impact than previously thought.

It’s the definition of “conversion practices” that needs analysis. So, hands up those who think this will include someone asking “Are you sure?” Or even, well, no frightening the horses now?

The number strapped down, eyeballs propped open and forced to watch hetero porn is going to be, obviously, zero outside a Tom Sharpe novel.

22 thoughts on “We can probably see the problem here”

  1. The sole purpose of banning “conversion therapy” is to make sure nobody tries to talk gullible children out of committing to a life (and a truncated life, at that) of sterilising hormones and surgeries.

    If you’re a father who objects to his teenage daughter changing her gender at school and being prescribed puberty blockers without your consent, they want to imprison you and take away your livelihood. It will still be perfectly legal to try to encourage kids to try homosexuality and transgenderism, of course.

    Like so much of our politics since 1997, it’s about rubbing your noses in it. Your humiliation is part of their kink.

  2. Last week, Conservative MP Tim Loughton told the Daily Telegraph MPs were agreed that gay and trans people needed to be “protected” against “loonies who want you to die in the fires of hell because you don’t confirm to their sexual conventions”.

    Nota Benny who the Conservative (lol) MP describes as “loonies”: people who are very likely to be functioning, responsible adults, with their own homes, families and jobs, who broadly agree with Margaret Thatcher on morality.

    Not loonies: people who tell impressionable 16 year old girls they can be boys if they inject enough testosterone and have their tits sliced off.

    As Rolf used to say, “can ya tell what it is, yet?”

  3. Like Steve, I am unclear why telling a confused teenage girl that she is a girl is conversion therapy but filling her with male hormones and cutting her tits off isn’t.

    It doesn’t surprise me in the slightest that the Tories support this. This is what they are.

  4. Parliament is particularly well-endowed with deviants and it won’t be long before MPs are allowed to claim for catamites on expenses.

  5. I also severely doubt that 400k gays and trannies have been subject to attempted conversion.

    Only by counting the mothers of gay offspring asking “Are you sure, dear?” or friends of the ‘non-binary’ asking “is that really a thing?” or “are you just doing this because no-one will sleep with you?” could they get to that number.

  6. MC – how bigoted of you. Are you suggesting that

    Polling for Galop, an LGBTQ+ anti-abuse charity, found that

    … sounds a wee bit dodgy?

    But here’s Galop’s (sic) rigourously scientific approach:

    The UK’s LGBT+ anti-abuse charity Galop asked 935 LGBT+ survivors of sexual assault: “At any age, have you experienced sexual violence that you believed was intended to convert you to heterosexuality or your assigned gender at birth, or to punish you for your gender or sexual identity?”, and almost 1 in 4 (24%) reported back that they had.

    This figure increased when the victim was asexual (34%), non-binary (32%), a trans man (35%) or a trans woman (30%).

    Now, I may be unkind, but you’ve seen “trans women”, right? Well, apparently they’re sex on legs and the straights just can’t resist sexually violencing them. Just ask a small sample of politically activist “trans women”, believe everything the most vocal minority of them say, do a quick bit of trans arithmetic and – Presto Sex-Changeo! – you’ve got 400,000 “victims” of “conversion therapy”.

    Magnus Pyke wasn’t extolling “Science!”, he was trying to warn us. Who knew the future would be so full of quotation marks?

  7. Will the ban also include e.g. those who try to convince effete boys that they are really women in the wrong bodies, here have some drugs?
    Thought not.

  8. If you’re in hell (the real one with at least one devil and lots of flames), a condition precedent is that you be already dead.

  9. Atheists shouldn’t be concerned about burning in the fires of hell. Or do some of these deviants believe that they are made in God’s image?

  10. Like Steve and MC, I am unclear why telling a confused boy that he is a boy is conversion therapy but filling him with female hormones and cutting his balls off isn’t.

  11. I would guess “sexual violence” includes being subjected to a wolf-whistle* (which incidentally is something which never has and never will happen to a trans-woman).

    * Wolf-whistle, an honest and easily understood expression of admiration and appreciation as well as being a much nicer term than the Americanised catcall.

  12. Galop conducted a poll…

    Isn’t that misrepresentation? Completely indistinguishable from the real Gallop polling company.

    The principle is that if you have a similar name, you must, absolutely must, never engage in the same activities. Vax don’t make computer systems, in return Vax don’t make vacuum cleaners.

  13. Jgh – I don’t think they intended to pass themselves off as the polling company. However:

    ​​​In June 1982 the Gay London Police Monitoring Group was created, in part to expose the systematic harassment of the gay and lesbian communities by the police, but also to educate those communities about their rights. At first, it was a voluntary grouping of lawyers and interested parties providing a service to gay men who suffered from arbitrary and discriminatory policing. Funding from the Greater London Council allowed employment of two core workers.

    Operating under the umbrella of Galop, the Lesbians and Policing Project (LESPOP) developed to research and educate the lesbian community about policing issues in London. Galop’s work dealt with new police powers of arrest, in particular around public lesbian and gay demonstrations, raids on gay pubs and bookshops and bans on lesbian and gay employment by local authorities.

    1. Identify a respected institution.
    2. kill it.
    3. gut it.
    4. wear its carcass as a skin suit, while demanding respect

    It started off as a legal defence for gays, now they’re encouraging young twinks to get their knobs chopped off. Progress!

  14. Telling a young person that he /she will grow out of it, or simply informing them of the facts of biology is now “conversion therapy”.
    But prescribing drugs and surgery isn’t.

    OK, got it. It’s straight out of the Stalinist play book. (Well, fairly straight.) We tell you black is white. You know we are lying, and we know you know, but we will force you to agree that black is white anyway, because we have the power.

    What puzzles me is why the gays are making common cause with the trans. Their actual aims are at odds.

  15. Theophrastus (2066)

    “…strapped down, eyeballs propped open and forced to watch hetero porn…”

    That would never work. Forcing them to watch gay porn while attached to a device that delivered electric shocks at early signs of tumescence just might…

  16. A child can choose to cut off their genitals and prevent their own puberty, even cause their own impotence later in adulthood, but choosing who they’re attracted to is clearly preposterous.

    Also, you can’t choose what your kids are taught in school.

  17. If you’re in hell (the real one with at least one devil and lots of flames), a condition precedent is that you be already dead.

    But as Christopher Marlowe explains in Doctor Faustus, when the good doctor wonders why the devil can appear on Earth:
    Faustus: How comes it then that thou art out of hell?
    Mephistophilis: Why this is hell, nor am I out of it.

    I’m beginning to see his point.

  18. Excellent quote work Mr Miller.

    On the question of why the gays and trannies have teamed up I suspect it’s down to the type of people in gay rights organisations.

    Most gay people recognise their battles are 99% won and so don’t have anything to do with pressure groups even if they used to. My gay mates have no truck with them (and think Pride is an embarrassment). They don’t have much time for the trannies either.

    So you’re left with losers, cranks and bitter old queens who hate women. Just like the trannies.

  19. Vax still make Hoovers, er, vacuum cleaners.

    Digital Equipment Corporation don’t make sod all any more.

  20. So let’s make criminals out of mum, dad and the vicar – people who might want to have a concerned chat with you…

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