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We’ll never have snow again

Well, they’re learning at least:

The ski season will not start until January within 80 years because it will be too warm, scientists have warned.

As opposed to those predictions of two decades back where it was “You’ll never see snow again”, something already disproved, they’re now making their predictions for far enough in the future that near no one already adult will be around to shout at them when it doesn’t happen. And, usefully, the prediction is long after the grants will run out.

7 thoughts on “We’ll never have snow again”

  1. This strikes me as poorly played by the Warm-mongers – 80 years is so far off that you won’t get near enough panic. And 80 years and all that’s gone wrong is snow is a few weeks late?

  2. Well, quite, Esteban. I thought St Greta of Thunderbox had established that the earth will be a smoking cinder by 2100 unless we all mend our evil ways. It’s The Science™.

  3. At the same time there’s so little snow there’s been several serious avalanches already….

    But hey…

  4. If the world gets so hot that there is no snow anymore at any current ski resort, people can still fly to Antartica and ski there – there’s no chance of that all melting for a very long time indeed.

  5. Even Paul Ehrlich may have learned. This year, 2023, 60 Minutes put him on TV where he repeated his “Population Bomb” doomsday prediction, but he didn’t put a year on it this time. 60 Minutes sugested within “decades.”

    But then, both Ehrlich & 60 Minutes have been in decline for some time & may be gone in “decades.”

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