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Well now, ain’t that a pity?

Ubitricity is currently charging drivers 45 pence per kilowatt-hour for 21 hours of the day, down from a previous 49 pence per kilowatt-hour, but 79 pence per kilowatt hour between 4pm and 7pm – a difference of 75pc.

The changes should allow drivers to take advantage of cheaper rates during the day and help lessen pressure on the grid.

However, it risks triggering concern that drivers who cannot avoid charging during peak periods are being penalised.

People pay more at a time of high demand, eh? Tickets for sold out shows are more expensive than those with acres of empty space in the stalls. We are all just shocked, shocked.

5 thoughts on “Well now, ain’t that a pity?”

  1. My local council car park has two charging points. Apparently it is effectively free to plug in because usage is included in the £1.40/hr parking charge.

    The hardware is advertised as
    Type 2 Mennekes (IEC62196) 22.0kW / 32A / 400V

    I have never seen them used.

  2. Indeed, we get to pay over the odds at all times of day. I especially like the way they charge VAT on the fuel duty. Bastards.

  3. At a very busy place locally we have some charging point places, the electric cars parked there are usually not plugged in, just taking advantage of the fact most people can’t park in those places so they get prime parking spots

  4. @ BniC – I could try parking my Camper in an EV spot, and plugging it in! It has the usual 16amp input connection, for on-site mains hookup. I can always make up a lead, even if it’s only a dummy…

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