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Well, that worked well then

Following the committee meeting, Christina Feldmann, a local resident and mother of a trans woman who died by suicide in 2021, confronted Clemens, the Bismark Tribune reported.

“If she were to have gone to a school that referred to her as he/him, we would have lost her much sooner,” Feldmann reportedly told Clemens. “Your bill will kill children. It’s important that you be aware of that.”

Err, yes:

BEACH, N.D. — A heart-wrenching obituary for a 19-year-old transgender woman who ended her own life in November has been soliciting support from across the world.

Haley Gabriella Feldmann was born on Nov. 18, 2002. Six days shy of her 20th birthday, she died by suicide, according to her obituary .

I just have this feeling that preventing suicide rather than delaying it a couple of years might be a good idea?

9 thoughts on “Well, that worked well then”

  1. Alternative view: by indulging his/her childish fantasies, the school left him/her unprepared for the real world.


    Transgender and non-binary Kiwis are at a greater risk of psychological distress, suicidal thinking and suicide attempts, a landmark survey has found.

    “Non-binary” is the translation for attention seeker. It would be amazing if they didn’t claim to have more suicidal thoughts.

    What the article leaves out is any mention of trans or non-binary actually committing suicide more often. Very odd.

  3. That’s the really horrid thing about reality. You can’t bully the universe. It bullies you instead.

    It’s enough to drive anyone to suicide.

  4. Alas, nut cases are likelier to kill themselves than the sane.

    Two of our friends have – one cocked up his medications (or had them cocked up by the NHS) and killed himself while in that vulnerable state. The other found dealing with bullying at work too awful. Poor fella, poor girl; we miss them both.

  5. tl;dr Mentally ill people are more likely to kill themselves. They should be treated for, not indulged in, their fantasies.

  6. Jonathan: that’s enough to get one suspended from Twatter, especially if it’s a polite comment on an ageing twink of broad social reach and delicate feelings.

  7. Ljh, certain truths cannot be expressed everywhere. Our host here actually seems to believe in free speech though.

  8. So, mum claims that we should listen to her advice because she delayed her son’s suicide until almost age 20?

    It’s a wonder she’s not running the entire country’s education system.

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