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Well, this makes a certain sense

Porn Star Ron Jeremy to be Declared Incompetent to Stand Trial For Rape: ‘Severe Dementia’

It would be fairly difficult for him to recall whether he’d actually had sex or not with a specific woman.

13 thoughts on “Well, this makes a certain sense”

  1. Dennis, Rocco's Smaller Sidekick

    Actually, it seems more appropriate to test the mental fitness of the accusers. The idea that these women are innocents is ridiculous. At least one is a “former British adult film star”.

    Innocents don’t get involved with world famous porn stars after coming an “adult film star”.

    This is like trying to hand out speeding tickets at the Daytona 500.

  2. I have no knowledge of Mr. Jeremy’s escapades to judge whether he committed these crimes, but the fact that they waited decades before making claims of rape or whatever, rather than reporting matters to the police at the time certainly suggests it’s just a money grab.

    They wanted a criminal trial as it makes civil forfeiture by the claimed victims far easier, otherwise they have to go through a civil trial which might not treat their claims with the generosity these victims might prefer.

    “Mrs. Smith, at the time of these events, you were working as a porn star for Woody’s Pornographic Productions Inc., is that correct?”

    That’s going to endear her to the jury…NOT!

  3. The charges include “seven counts of forcible oral copulation. That sounds mightily dangerous. Health and career as a porn star could both be gone in a snap … of the jaws.

  4. Dennis, I find it hard enough to believe any of the accusers did not know exactly who he was at the time, what he did for a living, and what an invitation to a “private setting” meant.

    But hey… #BooHoo #MeToo #RonDidMeUpTheCoo #NowIWantMoneyToo

  5. Interested.. I doubt it’d be syph. Simply because they tested for that even way back when, and that if he had it would have been traced ages ago, especially after the AIDS scare..

    It’s a public secret he was well able to snort lines and still Perform on cue and according to script without going half-mast.. It was why he got booked in the first place. Certainly wasn’t his looks.
    Couple of decades of that…. Would fry any brain.

  6. “seven counts of forcible oral copulation. That sounds mightily dangerous. “

    Well, the long and the short of it…

  7. BF, there’s an article in the G wrt to Labour MPs accepting donations from a firm named MPM Connect. Skip part the bit where IX sling money at Conservative MPs, and one RM is merely described as a “political and economic campaigner”.

    Which I found a bit… odd.

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