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Well, yes, and?

The difference between the carbon emissions of the rich and the poor within a country is now greater than the differences in emissions between countries, data shows.

The difference in empathising and systemizing among women and among men is greater than the average between women and men. The differences in IQ within races – whatever they are – is greater than that between.


5 thoughts on “Well, yes, and?”

  1. Well my “and” would be … and yet it’s overwhelmingly the rich who demand that “we” need to change our behaviour, despite them being the ones with three houses and four long-haul holidays a year.

  2. Be interesting to know how hard their data is on this. Sure, it’s easy to say the rich consume more energy, thus must produce more carbon per capita. But it’s not as simple as that. The poor are more inefficient consumers of energy & produce far more carbon per energy unit actually utilised. Eg cooking & heating with firewood as opposed to gas/electric. Standards of insulation, homes of the rich/poor. The carbon efficiency of a new car as against an old banger. So straight energy use doesn’t necessarily describe what’s happening.

  3. Good point BiS. I’d guess that the major difference between rich and poor is the fact that a rich world, like ours, can support 8 billion odd people.

    Indeed Statista gives a little over one and a half billion for 1900.

  4. As most of the rich people, with mutliple homes, multiple cars and a penchant for jetting around the planet receiving awards for their ‘tireless’ work in saving the planet by telling us poor people WE are using too much CO2 by trying to earn a living, stay alive and fend off hypothermia, i’m not suprised they use more than us.

    But it’s all for a good cause…..

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