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Why not go the whole hog?

This bollocks about sustainable fashion. So, here’s part of the discussion:

One key question that contributes to defining socially
acceptable levels of fashion consumption is what would
be the minimum amount of clothing sufficient to fulfil a
person’s dressing needs if all items are put to active use.
This can be estimated from research published over the
years. In the 1950s, a guide for good dressing for an adult
woman living in a city referred to 42 pieces of garments
(excluding accessories and underwear) as being enough
to cover a whole year’s needs for different types of garments (Saramäki, 2013; Valuch, 2021). In the 1960s, an
average French wardrobe consisted of around 25 outfits,
and 40 pieces in total.
More recent studies suggest that the average wardrobe size has increased substantially since the 1950s
and 1960s. For example, Maldini (2019) found that the
wardrobe size in the Netherlands varies from 70 pieces
up to 429 pieces (excluding undergarments) and proposed a total of 80 pieces as the sufficient amount to
fulfil wearing needs.
Following this approach, this report considers a total of 74 garments (including shoes) in active use as
the sufficiency level in a two-season country, and a total of 85 garments in a four-season country (Figure 13).

It’s sumptuary laws all over again, isn’t it? The peasantry will do what their superiors damn well tell them and that’s that. After all, people lived millennia with just the daily and Sunday Best, why change that now?

Fucking fuckers.

Me, I have a distinct suspicion that all of this toss is being driven by the fashion magazines and high end retailers. How can they keep flogging overpriced tat if there are people like Shein who sell cheap tat? So, ban cheap tat.

If no other actions are implemented,
such as repairing/mending, washing at
lower temperatures, or buying second-hand,
purchases of new garments should be
limited to an average 5 items per year
for achieving consumption levels in line
with the 1.5-degree target.

Limited how? By law? Rationing? What’s the punishment?

Fucking fuckers.

© Hot or Cool Institute, Berlin. 2022

I’ve been looking around and just can’t find the information. Who is paying these cunts?

And if anyone with great Google Fu than I have can find those accounts would be most grateful. Especially if we can find out who paid for this research into “excessive” fashion.

20 thoughts on “Why not go the whole hog?”

  1. Um, right next to the contents? Where it says “This report was produced thanks to generous financial support from” KR Foundation? And the publishing partners are the Rapid Transition Alliance and the Sustainable Fashion Consumption Network?

  2. “purchases of new garments should be
    limited to an average 5 items per year”

    Golly, how will I ever get my purchases up to five garments per year? I know: new socks.

    I’m too fat for my kilt: if I sell the kilt does that let me buy a sixth pair of socks? Very fine kilt, chaps.

    And I’ve got a decent suit to sell. Should I sell it rather than donate it to our favourite local charity as has been our wont? How about my lovely hand-made shoes, only lightly used, but no longer big enough for my knobbly arthritic big toes? If I sell those – the shoes not the toes – can I buy a seventh pair of socks?

    Also, also, as I lose weight I keep being able to squeeze into old clothes kept in hopes of just such an eventuality. Do those count in my five garments? Also, how about pregnant women – how many new garments will they be allowed by the Garment-Finder General?

  3. Hmm, RTA is Andrew Simms having glommed onto – KR Foundation. Bit circular, that. SFCN seems not to link to their funding sources.

  4. When it all shakes out, fashion isn’t “sustainable”. It renders garments obsolete for aesthetic reasons rather than for the end of their practicality.

    Greenness, if they had anything we could recognise as a principle, should be chaining themselves to mannequins and forcefeeding supermodels.

  5. Just TRY telling white liberal women to keep a limited wardrobe. See how that goes.

    Since a woman will inevitably be in charge of that decision, there will be bullshit exceptions:

    “Well, naturally you can also have one pair of heels in your collection. And Spanx are okay, too.”


    A usual bunch of evil ecoloons who haven’t yet worked out what ‘science’ is:

    “The planet that we live on is changing rapidly, and whether or not we change with it will determine what life looks like for humanity in the decades and centuries to come.

    At Hot or Cool, we work at the intersection of society and sustainability, employing science to push for the rapid, radical and systemic changes needed to address the magnitude and urgency of the sustainability challenge. Our work is driven by the need for a circular society, one which recognizes the ecological limits within which we must ensure equitable opportunities to pursue individual and collective wellbeing.

    Collaboration, experimentation and clear communication are integral to the research and solution-seeking process at Hot or Cool. Here is what we do:

    Conduct policy research and analysis to ground concepts of sustainable societies within science-based approaches
    Coordinate science-communications and engagement on complex sustainability issues
    Facilitate co-creation of sustainability solutions backed by science and experience
    Design capacity development and implementation tools for businesses, organisations and policy makers working towards a circular society
    Provide technical assistance towards development and implementation of new economy policies and practices”

  7. Great thing about fashion for women is they only have keep it long enough for it to come round again. I’m trying to remember whether I’ve Goth go past three times or four. Currently “in” again thanks to Wednesday Addams.

  8. My friend’s daughter is Goth off the previous iteration as an ostentatious rejection of fashion. So that’s her fu**ed.

  9. Presumably the gender fluid or weekend trannies will be able to apply to the sustainable clothing committee for double allowance

  10. Especially if we can find out who paid for this research into “excessive” fashion.
    The manufacturers of Most suits?

  11. Well I got a shirt and some Mickey Mouse underpants for Christmas. So that’s about five clothing items.

    Needless to say this is my female rellos. Since I don’t have a woman to keep me in order, I naturally tend to lounge around the house in ragged pyjamas.

  12. bloke: I suppose she could dye all her clothes black. After all, it’s what a widow would have done (other than the upper class at least).

    Pro tip: don’t actually say this, at least if you want any peace.

  13. NESTA seem to be part of the RTA network. Not sure I should be surprised, Lily Cole and seems like a long time ago.

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