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Wise man then, inn’e?

Prince Harry told ITV on Sunday night that his brother had voiced concerns about him marrying the Duchess,

Given events since seems wise.

and claimed that Prince William and his wife had never got on with Meghan “from the get-go”.

Saves time.

There’s a certain thing about life that Harry seems not to grasp. Not everyone will share your tastes in other people. You might like someone and others of your friends might not. You know, it happens. You might be head over heels in love with someone – no reason your brother has to be so, or even like them, as you do so.

You can, possibly should, insist that your brother is vaguely polite and tolerant. But that’s all you do get to demand.

5 thoughts on “Wise man then, inn’e?”

  1. He’s also apparently miffed that that Royal Family didn’t wade into the kerfuffle about Jeremy Clarkson’s recent article. There are 2 basic reasons for that, Harry…

    1) The Royal Family tends to ignore celebrity tittle tattle.

    2) You two quit, remember?

  2. This Harry vs his family imbroglio is tremendously entertaining. It’s not going to end well for the Ginger Whinger I feel.

  3. The Duke also suggested that his father was “never quite ready for parenthood” but insisted that he will “always love” the King despite their current difficulties.

    Remember when these people were supposed to be better than the trashy reality TV celebs in Heat magazine?

  4. I try to ignore all this stuff but this morning I failed. There’s a big photo on the front page of the Tel. On a balcony Weem and Kate are doing their duty: looking up at some planes while appearing impressed. Harry is looking down rather grumpily.

    What’s striking is La Markle: she’s giving William the eye.

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