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Yeah, I bet

For example, a report by the LGBTQ+ charity Stonewall published in 2022 found that, after heterosexual, the next most frequent sexual identify was bisexual – 10% of people identified as bisexual.


Census 2021 was the first to collect information on the sexual orientation of residents aged 16 years and over in England and Wales. Of those who completed the survey, 1.54% identified as gay or lesbian, and approximately 1.51% identified as bisexual or pansexual.

Activist org on the look out for grant money overstates its client base by near an order of magnitude.


Gender identity in England and Wales, 2021

Is the gender you identify with the same as your sex registered at birth?



16 thoughts on “Yeah, I bet”

  1. So it’s official. This country and probably the entire western world is dancing to the tune of barely 1 in 200 of the population.

  2. Grauniad article written by LGBT+ author tries to claim that those who chose not to answer the question “are more likely to be LGBT+” – neatly eliding the difference between “more likely that not” i.e >50% and “more likely than respondents” i.e >3.1% – based on some unsupported claims: old people are more likely to avoid saying that they are LGBT+ because homosexuality used to be illegal [that lesbianism wasn’t she carefully chooses not to mention] and young people are more likely to be sexually diverse and the census methodology that gives those with two addresses two chances to fill in the form understates their numbers and sexual diversity.
    To say that Stonewall’s 10% figure for bisexual is more plausible than the census figure of 1.28% is bullshit, but whatdo you expect from the Grauniad?

  3. I read somewhere that the vast majority (something like 80%) of people claiming to be bisexual have never had a sexual encounter with a member of the same sex, it’s just something trendy to say.

  4. It’s just a box ticked on the census form. On the 2001 census, nearly 400,000 people claimed to be Jedi Knights, but I bet not many of them had a working light sabre.

  5. I try to avoid answering intrusive questions e.g. on race and religion, but also on the direction of my cock-vector. In extremis I exclaim “I am a walrus”.

  6. I’m genuinely surprised at the 1-in-200 tranny figure. Assuming they’re easy enough to spot, and that they’re concentrated in London, I should see one on every other tube journey. Or are they better at blending in these days?

  7. My opinion’s there’s a lot of women pretending to be women in London. One reason why I left.

  8. The French census is quite coy about asking personal questions. Laicity and all that.
    Then some French mayor delved into the names on the birth certificates and found a lot of Mohammeds, Fatimas, etc.
    He was not a popular mayor outside his commune.

  9. Any report on self-identifying pædophiles? No?

    Could it be that people don’t answer questions on surveys and census questionnaires truthfully or knowledgeably?

    Therefore answers questions on ‘gender’, sexual proclivities, and much else, require consumption with a lorry-load of salt.

  10. Not all faggots (self-included) go prancing around in June looking like a unicorn vomited all over them. Quite a few of us prefer to keep ourselves away from the gay/lesbian/tranny freaks and consider who we fuck in the privacy of our own bedrooms our own business.

    Equally, I don’t like state intrusion, so have deliberately avoided census returns for a couple of decades (including the Manx 5-yearly census and last years delayed Scottish census).

    I don’t think that proves the Grauniad writer right, he/she/it is an idiot as all Grauniad writers are, just that anecdote is anecdotal and correlation is not causation.

    The Grauniad writer desperately WANTS there to be far more gay/lesbian/tranny freaks than their actually are and therefore a UK Government Census showing single digits of LGBT+ representation is anathema.

    Personally, I think those numbers sound about right. Take out the bisexuals and other virtue signallers and gay/lesbian/tranny freaks starts to look like the very minority sport that it actually is.


  11. if you took all of those that self-identified as LGBTQ+ then I would suggest you would be able to feed them with 5 loaves and two fishes, and have enough left over for a fish supper, without the need of any miracle!

  12. @Chris Miller – “I bet not many of them had a working light sabre”

    I find your lack of faith disturbing.

  13. Brett Anderson from Suede said “I’m a a bisexual man who’s never had an homosexual experience”. That was 30 years ago, the drummer Dave Rowntree promptly put him in his place “That means I’m a bisexual man, but I’ve ne er had a heterosexual experience”…

    Attention seekers going to attention seek…

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