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Yes, actually, it is

So he said sorry again: saying he issued a direct apology at the time. The Sussexes rejected this too, and triumphantly seized on the apology as an admission of guilt. Now Amazon is said to be considering ending its involvement with him.

In the grand scheme of free speech issues, perhaps this is not the end of the world.

Because taking the piss out of narcissists is what free speech is for. Sure, they might be Majesties, Rt Hons, Ministers or Permanent Secretaries but being able to joke about, scream up at, the ponces is the entire point of free speech.

4 thoughts on “Yes, actually, it is”

  1. I like Madeline Grant, for a slip ( 6 foot ) of a gel, she has her head scewed on right.

    Markle is the epitome of the cry-bully. Withthe willing abetting of some parts if the media, she has managed to pirtray herself as a downtrodden victim, having married a damaged and bullied princeling who was coerced into machine gunning towelheads and taking masses if class A drugs.

    I think that they picked the wrong target with Clarkson. Amazon need to cut costs and are using this as an excuse, but haven’t calculated how much it will damage their UK viewing figures. His and many others’ response will be along the lines of “I held out the olive branch and they rejected it so now it is open season on them all.”

  2. There’s some media wibble about the apology not being fulsome enough, addressed to him not her, at the wrong time (“my staff don’t read my emails on Christmas day”) not including the exact formulation of words needed to address royal highnesses, etc etc.

    “I held out the olive branch and they rejected it so now it is open season on them all.”
    Quite, Ottokring

  3. Egoists are people who love other people to tell them that they are wonderful. Narcissists are people who love to tell other people that they are not wonderful. Subtle difference.

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