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Yes, yes, they are

“While a new public apology has been issued today by Mr. Clarkson, what remains to be addressed is his long standing pattern of writing articles that spread hate rhetoric, dangerous conspiracy theories, and misogyny,” the statement continued. “Unless each of his other pieces were also written ‘in a hurry,’ as he states, it’s clear that this is not an isolated incident shared in haste, but rather a series of articles shared in hate.”

You would think that someone working in PR would know how articles in the press are written.

It would be absolutely astonishing – entirely absurd – if Clarkson spent more than 90 minutes* on any one article. This isn’t history being mulled over, it’s today’s amusement and tomorrow’s fish wrapper.

*Clarkson’s been doing this 40 years now, man and boy. Sure, there’s lots of reading around and listening to the radio and all that, to decide upon a subject. The actual writing of an 800 word piece? 30 mins tops. You don’t bother to sit down until you’ve decided what you want to say after all. Bernard Levin claimed to write his 1,200 word Times pieces in 20 mins each time.

14 thoughts on “Yes, yes, they are”

  1. “I therefore wrote to everyone who works with me saying how sorry I was and then on Christmas morning, I emailed Harry and Meghan in California to apologise to them too,” he continued. “I said I was baffled by what they had been saying on TV but that the language I used in my column was disgraceful and that I was profoundly sorry.”

    Ffs, shut up laddie.

  2. Also bear in mind Clarkson has a brand. You do not read a Clarkson piece hoping to hear his thoughts on the great beauty of a rare tulip or the best way of making egg nog at Christmas.

    Seriously what did people expect he was going to say about Harry and Meghan?

  3. Seriously what did people expect he was going to say about Harry and Meghan?

    Most people would expect him to say what they think – but funnier.

  4. @PJF
    Indeed. You wouldn’t be reading if you thought that he wasn’t going to say something close to what you were already thinking. Getting a good laugh from it is the bonus that pulls the crowds.

  5. The arse apologised. End of any chance of sympathy from me.

    (Unless the apology had said that he apologised to regular readers for understating his contempt for Ms Markle.)

  6. The Left, and Meghan Markle is of the Left, see appeasement as a weakness and, instead of standing back and saying, “OK. Apology accepted. Let’s forgive and forget”, they go for the jugular and will not be happy until that person is destroyed. That is the intention of the reply to Clarkson’s apology. They want to destroy him, and will not rest until he is. The cancellation of his TV series is only the start. They want to walk down the street and see a homeless, unemployed, Clarkson, sitting in a shop doorway with his sleeping bag. Pox on both of them.

  7. Yay, we destroyed this guy’s livelihood! (M & H high five each other.)
    Except… Clarkson is a brand. If Amazon ditch him someone else will hire him.
    Even Gillette still sells razor blades.

  8. Clarkson is nigh on un-cancellable. He says some outrageous things, gives a perfunctory apology that he doesn’t really mean and does it again at a later stage.

    If Amazon were to bin him, someone else would pick him up. There are too many people who get a laugh out of the big ape (me included) for him to be destroyed.

  9. H&M had the opportunity to regain a little respect by accepting Clarkson’s apology but instead chose to continue with their woke stupidity. A pox on them.

  10. I’m far from convinced that “someone else will pick him up”.

    He’s not a Dave Chapelle or a Joe Rogan with global albeit US led appeal. In the UK the terrestrial channels won’t touch him, neither will limp-wristed Sky or BT. Amazon* are cutting him loose next year. Netflix? don’t make me laugh. Circumventing the conventional system via YouTube is also highly unlikely to work as they too will crumble at the first whiff of faux outrage.

    * the one possible get-out. A year is a long time and the H&M brand is only going to worsen. A quiet renewal on considerably less favourable terms might be his only option.

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