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A Live Podcast

About markets ‘n’ things:

IPO-VID episode 096: “What Have We Got In Reserve?” Adam Smith Institute Senior Fellow commodity / rare earth expert and pithy business writer, Tim Worstall – 21st February 1900 CET, 1300 EST!

Join and ask your questions:

6 thoughts on “A Live Podcast”

  1. I switched off (very early on) when the guest couldn’t even be bothered to ensure that the upstream bandwidth rate could support basic audio. Rookie error if one might hope to entertain media interviews. Sorry, Tim. I know you claim IT illiteracy and all that, but not a competent look.

  2. What tim says. You could see the host keep on listening and reacting to Tim’s words as the sound buggered up here and there.
    And the host should, after ummm.. some 50+ podcasts, be able to pick up on an unstable line on the guest end. And deal with/react to it if it happens.

    And it does happen on the best of lines.. The internet gods are fickle when it comes to livecasts and streams.
    Which is why the professionals record their sessions during the stream, check/fix them, and if possible on the platform re-upload them after a live session.

    But in this case I think it was one of the scripts the host used to do the banners and other insert stuff (sooo many…) taking up too many resources on a system that was too light to deal with it all.

  3. The interview I want to see is Tim and Jordan Peterson discussing the overlap of social psychology and macroeconomics. Add in Michael Malice, and we just might solve today’s societal ills of the Western world.

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