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Abandon All Hope All Ye Who Enter Here

It is Chung’s attempt to answer the question that Sigmund Freud felt he couldn’t. The founder of psychoanalysis once said: “The great question that has never been answered, and which I have not yet been able to answer, despite my 30 years of research into the feminine soul, is: ‘What does a woman want?’ ”

Well, quite.

Other than whatever it is that has just arrived being not good enough……

18 thoughts on “Abandon All Hope All Ye Who Enter Here”

  1. I know what women want.
    They want Love, Marriage, Sex and Babies.
    Preferably in that order, but any order will do.
    And a job before and after the Babies.

    Do I get a prize?

  2. Casting my mind back many years I recall a fairy story (don’t say it) based on the premise that the correct answer is “her own way”. All very nice and cosy in a world where people didn’t tend to overthink and look for offence when none existed.

    To my surprise this story proved hard to track down online as maybe the simple and believable message is not conducive to todays self-centred struggles.This was the nearest I could find even though the slightly caustic punch line is, in my opinion, completely unnecessary.

  3. Often the assumption underlying these lists of “women’s problems” is that men have it easy.
    But men have to accord to society’s expectations just as much.

  4. Chaucer had the answer. His knight in the Tale of the Wife of Bath said this: –

    …”My lige lady, generally,” quod he,
    “Wommen desiren to have sovereynetee
    As wel over hir housbond as hir love,
    And for to been in maistrie hym above.
    This is youre mooste desir, thogh ye me kille.
    Dooth as yow list, I am heer at youre wille.”…

  5. @John

    You are thinking of the Arthurian tale. There are just better tellings.

    Most obviously in Canterbury Tales (the wife of Bath)

  6. From the majority of what I read written by women, Love, Marriage, Sex and Babies is what they *put* *up* with, not what they want.

  7. Fems have no idea what they want. When they think they do & get it, it is no longer enough. In some ways men are the same. After getting a boat they often want a bigger one. After getting a wife/husband, so many (men/fems) want someone else on the side. The big difference is women are more prone to be grumpy seeking new or more & take it out on their poor husbands who have no idea WTF is wrong with women.

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