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An excellent read of the data

Median pay growth has exceeded 5% for well over a year. Unless you are in the public sector, of course. Then this is apparently impossible to pay.

The deliberate choice being made by the government to prevent the payment of market-matching pay settlements in the public sector is only rational if you realise that their aim is twofold. One is to force people out of public sector employment because they can no longer afford to work in it. The second is to destroy those services. I cannot fund another explanation for such stupidity.

Well, it’s an assertion. Except, from the same data source:

The health and social work sector has seen the greatest increase in payrolled employees since January 2022

Up by 142,000 people. Also, median earnings growth in that sector 5.5%.

So, you know, perhaps not?

4 thoughts on “An excellent read of the data”

  1. “I cannot fund another explanation”

    Don’t worry, Spud, I’m sure some idiot charity will fund your explanation that it’s all an evil nasty fascist plot and that you have all the answers, most of which are about more taxes.

  2. More than a decade of public sector pay increases higher than private sector pay increases still puts them ahead even if this year’s public sector pay increase is less than this year’s private sector pay increase. See Lord Spudcup’s own graph from a couple of weeks ago.

  3. Easy way to tell if the 5.5% is enough. Is there still a demand for government jobs? The other thing to look at is the total compensation. Is the pension and other non-cash remuneration better or worse than the private sector?

  4. He only cares about that which you can tax.

    This, for him, you should tax those people for not renting – after all, they only rent because they’re filthy tax avoiders!

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